Diablo III Infographic Shows 2.1 Million Players Still Log On Daily

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and they're all trying to sell their accounts :P

Kumagawa Misogi:


God damn that's a lot of numbers.

Though these sorts of stats always surprise me at how few people actually finish games.

That's what jumped out at me too. Only a third of all these players actually finished the game on normal? Yoinks.

Why's that surprising?

A short list of games i haven't finished (or not played much even though they have hours of content i'e sandbox games)

Arma 2 (90 mins played)
Batman Arkham asylam (3 hours played)
Batman arkham city (111 mins played last played 28/07/2012)
Crysis warzone
Hitman Absolution
Portal (3 hours played)
Portal 2
Civilisation 5 (12 hours played)
Team Fortress 2 (86 mins played)
X3 terran conflict (28 mins played)
Elder scrolls Oblivion (7 hours played)
Red Faction Guerrilla
Mirrors edge (70 mins played)
Hawk 2 (35 mins played)

It's actually far more common for people not to complete games than to complete them I have over 200 PC games and have completed 11 of them.

I have about 300+ games between PC (which has the most) and console, and I've probably finished about 8 or 9% of them. I believe thats mostly Steam sales and clearance items which have caused this. Overload of content.
WoW is the most played game, only because I have put so many hours into the game and still enjoy myself.
OT: D3 may not have been D2 but I still thought as a game it was solid enough to play and enjoy. I feel the hate beyond the "always online" argument spans from people idolizing D2. Lightning doesn't strike twice, and the years of buildup in peoples minds made the final release seem less than worthy to a good many.
I love the game for what it is, not what I thought it should have been. I feel that it wasn't close to a failure as Duke Nukem Forever was, nor the catastrophe that SimCity turned out to be.

Steven Bogos:

I am curious how much DOES ActiBlizzard pay for false marketing like that? Because anyone that did highschool math could tell you thats not how averages work

Let me give you a lesson in it, say 20 players log in on day 1, then 5 players log in on day 2, then 1 play logs in on day 3 that means you have roughly 9 (8.6 really but 9 is better than offending dwarfs) players daily! Even though this falsely represents how the game is doing because only one idiot is still playing it.

But even IF they had 2.1 million dupes playing the game daily, it doesn't make the game good, it just means that 2.1 million people are too dim to escape the Skinner Box.


sorry man, but in my opinion, if more than 80% of your players stop playing within the first year, that's not impressive at all.

By that logic, no game ever release was impressive.

Kumagawa Misogi:

Why's that surprising?

He is probably like me. I will finish the game. even if i dont like it. I hated FC2, but i still finished it and did all collectibles. There are only 2 games i havent finished, and 1 of them was due to technical difficulty (i triesd 3 times but end up with a save where the game crashes within the next 10 seconds of reload, having to do everything from scratch, so i gave up). Sure, games eat a lot of time this way, and its obsessive, btu thats how we do it.

Also why didnt you finish crysis? its a 3 hour game that i finished in one sitting....

So only 18% cleared Hell difficulty and only 6% cleared Inferno difficulty....I guess that explains why i couldn't find a soul to team up with once I hit Inferno mode.


It's because Blizzard twisted and turned the numbers to make things look better than they actually are. That 2.1 million is the average /since launch/, which is pretty meaningless to the current state of the game, since it includes the boom in players the game got on the initial release.

Wait, why is this misleading again? They said themselves: "Average number of daily players since launch". As for the current state of the game, player numbers aren't as important as the fact that Blizzard keeps rolling out new patches and improvements to the game.

sorry man, but in my opinion, if more than 80% of your players stop playing within the first year, that's not impressive at all.

Just wondering, how many games are you still playing one year later after you bought them? I pumped a lot of hours into Fallout: New Vegas, ME3 MP and some other f2p MMOs, but none would hold my attention for longer than 4-6 months. Of course it differs from player to player, but I would say that's an obvous trend.

Even if I'm not playing Diablo 3 anymore, I still have 160 hours on my account and that's just the first 4 months that I played the game. Playing for a whole year the same game sounds like madness to me, and there's still enough people doing the very same on Diablo 3.

It does make me wonder what kind of expectations people have/had of Diablo 3. Just 14.5 millions sold copies? Unimpressed. Player base got smaller year after release? Absolute failure! 2.1 millions of daily players? Horrible! Compared to that Guild Wars 2 had about 5 millions sold and is generally considered a success.

Well, let's see...

Ive been playing FFXI on and off since NA release (Getting close to 10 years now)... i have over 400 days of playtime logged in that game, on one character... I played WoW for 3 yrs... I still pick up D2 every now and again... I play through most SNES era FF games at least once a year... Just finished FO3 for about the 15th time, back on NV now... TES games usually get played for longer than a year by me... I easily played GTA:SA for over a year... I can list more if you need me to.

Although, most of these games have never blatantly ignored their customers cries for change either, which is what Blizz did with D3, and they were all playable first day I got them, and none of them fucked a game just to base it around a RMAH.

I can keep

yay, 2.0 Million bots

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