"I Really Want To Play Iron Man," Says Jackie Chan

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But jackie, you're already a superhero. Just cast you as yourself. Seriously, screw the suit, your fists are made of steel!

and thats why he could play the real mandarin...

Just make Jackie Chan part of the Avengers universe. Bump up his invurnerability to insanity and pit him against aliens.

I hope I'm not the only one that thought, "Wait a sec... what about The Mandarin??"

I mean, he's essentially a Chinese version of Iron Man. That... kind of seems very appropriate.

I honestly could see him as deadpool, as they share most of the same characteristics: unbalanced in the head, superb fighters, and virtually indestructible, not to mention both of them seem to have a compulsion to spout one-liners in any and all situations.

Not Iron Man but I'd love another really good action movie with him :P

Everybody loves Jackie Chan. I am included in that collective pronoun. But, I have never watched one of his movies to see his acting skills. Because, those skills are minimial. He has charisma. He is a badass. But he can't act. Please move along Jackie.

Tha being said, I am now going to go find the ladder fight scene from First Strike and watch it.

I would pay to see Jackie playing all the Avengers, even Black Widow. He would nail it.

Even if the title role is off the cards, they could have the Chinese fitting Jackie with their own version of the suit. The great thing about the suit is that even an old codger could operate it, with Jarvis conducting some of the more complicated functions. Not to mention the fact that in The Tuxedo, Jackie uses the eponymous suit to kick ass.

The Mandarin character is a bit too culturally insensitive for an Asian to play, hence Kingsley's humorous characterization.

For anyone who wants a visual representation of Jackie Chan as Iron Man, here:


Pretty close representation I must say. Still I would think Jackie is better suited to a different Marvel hero. Marvel certainly has enough...

Ok browsing the Marvel database how about Shang-Chi?

http://marvel.wikia.com/Shang-Chi_(Earth-1610) Someone with more knowledge of Marvel history yes/no?

Tell you what, Jackie. Meet us halfway on this. Tony's usually got his suit, a spare suit, and maybe even more suits-

-so why not agree to occupy a suit alongside him and perform a double act, billianaire genius and legendary martial artist?

I would honestly like to see Jackie Chan as anything.

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