The Wizardry: Dark Savant Trilogy Hits GOG

The Wizardry: Dark Savant Trilogy Hits GOG

Wizardry 8 Screenshot

Three epic entries of the classic role-playing franchise have made their way DRM-free to GOG.

Few franchises in videogames can claim to the same level of accomplishment as the Wizardry games. Beginning in the early 1980s, Wizardry would go on to provide two decades of deep dungeon crawling and role-playing across eight mainline titles. While the franchise hasn't quite had the same prestige in the years since the series ended, there's no lack of fans and gamers eager to give the series another go.

Those fans can rejoice because the last three games in the series, Wizardry 6, 7 and 8 can now be purchased through GOG. Wizardry 6 and 7 are being packaged together and can be bought for $5.99, while Wizardry 8, which moved the franchise from its 2D roots into 3D, will be sold separately for $9.99. While each game is a complete experience on its own, the three together make up the Dark Savant saga, which takes players into a deep adventure filled with quests, loot and dynamic NPCs. Newcomers to the franchise should be sure to clear their schedules though, because anyone of these three titles can take hundreds of hours to fully complete.

In addition to the original games, the Wizardry 6 and 7 pack includes Wizardry Gold, the 1996 remake of Wizardry 7 originally released on Windows 95. Wizardry Gold introduced improved visuals and, more notably, in-game speech. Both the Wizardry 6/7 combo pack and Wizardry 8 come packaged with goodies including original manuals, clue books, maps, and the games' original soundtracks. As per the GOG standard, all three games can be downloaded and played DRM-free. Gamers looking for an epic adventure that challenges while still telling an epic story would have a hard time doing better.


I have been made a very happy man, this day. I've always wanted to try the Wizardry series, now seems like a perfect opportunity.

I remember playing Wizardry 8 though about 8-9 years ago. Was the Dark Savant the guy with a fishbowl on his head?

Might be something to look into next time I have to endure an trans-continental flight...

Oh my goodness, so many memories of smacking down aliphoots in Wizardry VII. May have to pick up the GOG 6&7 since my discs are likely lost to time... hey, that's actually not a bad name.

"Wizardry: Lost To Time"
Coming June 20XX

I'd buy it.

Oh man, this is FANTASTIC news. It's been so hard to find these games, let alone get them to work.

I miss games like these (I loved W8). Legend of Grimrock was the closest I've seen to this style recently, but I'd like something like that with more story and open-world. (Any suggestions?)

Hooray! The world's first jRPG franchise is coming to Good old Games!

Praise the slimes.

I think people should get this just because it's such an important part of gaming history.

Might be something to look into next time I have to endure an trans-continental flight...

These are more appropriate for a round the world cruise.

They should put art from the abandoned Wizardry Stones of Arnhem in the bonus materials, just for lulz.

I'm so getting Wiz 8 to play through again. 6 and 7 maybe not so much...

Oh and a little warning to those new to the series. Diplomacy is broken in Gold (unless GoG fixed it). Its not game breaking by any means but can be a bit frustrating if you don't know.

It's funny, I was trying to install Wiz 8 (via discs) on Win 7 with no joy about 2 or so days ago thinking 'man, can't believe GOG haven't hooked this game yet' and low an behold, here it is only 2 days later, great minds, great games ;)


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