Deus Ex: The Fall Remains A Mystery, Despite Eidos Tease

Deus Ex: The Fall Remains A Mystery, Despite Eidos Tease

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Just what is Deus Ex: The Fall? We've got no idea, but Eidos Montreal apparently wants us to be very hyped for this thing.

This morning the official Eidos Montreal twitter account dropped this baffling, one-line enigma:

Are YOU ready for The Fall?

That's not much to go on, but as Eidos Montreal is the developer of the current Deus Ex games, and Deus Ex publisher Square Enix recently registered a number of domains using the phrase "Deus Ex The Fall," we're going to feel safe in assuming that it's a tease for the studio's next project.

"But what if it's just additional downloadable content for Deus Ex: Human Revolution?" you might ask. That's a good question, and could be a valid explanation, but since it's been slightly less than two years since that game's debut and the last DLC pack for the title was released in October 2011, it seems very unlikely that Eidos Montreal has been working on a solitary DLC addition for that lengthy a period of time.

However, those two years seem a perfect amount of time for Eidos Montreal to cobble together another cyberpunk adventure in the Deus Ex franchise, particularly if the firm is reusing assets from Human Revolution or rehashing that game's engine for The Fall.

Actually, the most telling part of this entire event is that the annual E3 conference is mere days away. If we had to make a bet, we'd expect Eidos Montreal and/or Square Enix to announce Deus Ex: The Fall at that conference. Whether it will be appearing on current consoles, next-generation hardware or some unexpected platform (like the Vita) is anyone's guess at the moment. Thus, as always when things are unclear, we invite you to speculate wildly in the comments below.

Source: Twitter


Well, certainly plenty of Icarus/Daedalus imagery throughout DE; looks like someone's going to be flying too close to the sun.

At best, this makes me think The Fall could be centering on some sort of intermediary character between Adam Jensen and JC Denton. Or could it be an actual rehash of Deus Ex with Human Revolution's approach?

I'd certainly buy that. As great as the original game is, its stealth mechanics have not aged gracefully at all.

Well, with the current state of transition between consoles it'll be interesting to see where it goes.
I can't imagine it going to PC without hitting consoles first, since AAA publishers love them consoles.

Who knows? Maybe the WiiU will finally get a real, original game outside of...ZombieU.
Or maybe not.

Maybe it's a smaller scaled, stand-alone downloadable game, using Human Revolution's engine & assets, a la Blood Dragon from Far Cry 3.

Either way, I'll keep an eye on this.

I'm so excited I'm going to puke all over this thread. This had better be something more than just DLC.

Maybe it is the setup for an elaborate April Fools Day 2014 prank where Eidos pay people to crouch behind unsuspecting gamers and a second person pushes them over, causing the victim to say 'I didn't ask for this!'?

Adam Jensen: the Autumn years :P

Maybe it is the setup for an elaborate April Fools Day 2014 prank where Eidos pay people to crouch behind unsuspecting gamers and a second person pushes them over, causing the victim to say 'I didn't ask for this!'?

"I can't believe I fell for that."

Huh. New games coming out this E3 makes me nervous - what are the odds that they end up being exclusives on one of the upcoming consoles?

I hope its a squeal and I hope they reuse the game's engine. It'd be a waste if they didn't. I'm getting giddy thinking about how the game would look on next gen consoles considering how good it looked on the ps3

They're making a game out of that April Fools' joke :P

Whatever it is, if it's an xbone exclusive then I'm going to punt a baby.

This is awesome news. In my opinion, Human Revolution is easily one of the most important releases of the generation. It proved a number of theories held dear by many publishers wrong. While it isn't without its share of current gen "vices", the game proved quite substantially that a game CAN be profitable as a story-heavy title with no multiplayer option. It's the kind of game that EA or Activision would have laughed out of the board room then joked about at office parties for years to come, yet here it was one of the bigger titles for the year it was released.

Here's hoping that with a sequel, they take that lesson to heart. It'd be a shame to see the sequel to one of the most pivotal releases of this generation get a sequel that basically contradicts everything that it proved.

Just please tell me its not going to end up like that remastered edition of human revolution that ended up being a Wii U exclusive and actually make this game cross platform!

Not much to go on, but it's very likely following up from ONE of the endings of DE:HR. I found this in my facebook feed:
[iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/iframe]
strange how this wasn't in the article.

EDIT: Crap, how do I embed a video from youtube on here? Their directions are not that helpful.

The video teaser Darth Payn was talking about:

Pretty sure that's Bob Page's voice talking.


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