Dying Light Zombie Parkour Trailer Wishes You Good Luck

Dying Light Zombie Parkour Trailer Wishes You Good Luck

Good night, good luck, and DUC ... d'oh, well.

Dying Light, developer Techland's zombie survival parkour title, has a very simple premise: the supplies are over there, somewhere in that sprawling urban hellscape, and you need to get 'em. In your own time, sunshine, but bear in mind that during the night the undead become more active and dangerous, and there are special predators that can only be encountered after dark. Daylight is your friend, but even then you can't expect an even break, as this Good Night, Good Luck video demonstrates.

If you're wondering who Techland is, it's the studio behind the original Call of Juarez and its sequel, Bound in Blood, among other games. This title does have a website, but there's not much there at the moment. February 2014 is its projected release date, and it's been confirmed that this title will launch on both current and next gen consoles, as well as PC.

So, how fast can you run? Bet it's not quite fast enough ...


thats actually starting to perk my interest. ill probably need to get a new pc but depending on reviews looks like they will have a sale

A game with Cole Macgrath fighting Zombies as Edward R Murrow?

for people who cant see it due gema and shit

well, the trailer looks good, but we all learned from dead islands trailer and we better wait for a real gameplay video.

so it's mirror's edge with zombies...well I'm hoping for something good and I heard some good things about the call of juarez: the gunslinger so cautiously optimistic

That was a nice trailer, tho I'd like to see some gameplay (odds are, it'll be some time before they'll release any gameplay). The idea itself is pretty interesting. I liked Mirror's Edge, and Mirror's Edge with zombies would be interesting to try out, i think. And good to see it's coming out on the PC.

Usually not that big on Zombie related things, but this looks interesting.

Hey look, Prince of Persia or Mirror's Edge had a baby with Left 4 Dead. Now we just need game play footage to make sure this isn't another dead island.

Looks like Mirror's Edge, DayZ and Fallout are having a Menage a Trois and this is a concept vid of the offspring. I am waiting for actual gameplay footage from this one before making an opinion of if it is going to ocupy a space in my collection of game titles.

There are zombies out there, these guys are probably tired as fuck and they still do jumps with those shitty flips because PARKOUR!!!

One of them should have just fall flat on his face.

I like most of that... but what's with the electric wrench? It's so out of place and unnecessary.

Did he combine a wrench and a taser, ala Dead Rising?
Did he find an Electric Flesh Gene Tonic from Bioshock?
Is it a Wrench with a Lightning Mod out of Dead Island?
Is he a Sith?!?

What is that? :P It's stupid.

Ok, I think it's clear that whoever Techland hires to make their announce trailers seems more competent at eliciting emotion than Techland does. I mean...damn, that was a good trailer.

Ukomba got there first, but it bears mentioning again. Taser Wrench. Seriously!? Seriously. I'm done. I'm so sick and fucking tired of games, specifically zombie games, that take themselves so damned seriously, take the time to establish a realistic setting and emotive characters, only to throw a fucking TASER WRENCH at me.
Does anyone else realise how amazingly retarded that looks? Does anyone understand how jarring it is? Not to mention fucking impossible!?

Also, didn't this parkour group think it might, perhaps, be a decent idea to equip some fucking body armour, or actually bring weapons with them? Jeez this thing was fuckin' stupid. I'll pass thanks, there are games out there that don't have taser wrenches.

I'm intrigued. Looking forward to hearing more.

All I have to say is be cautious, remember the trailers for Brink? They made the game look like COD crossed with Mirrors Edge, turned out it was worse than a poor man's COD/Mirrors Edge.

That being said, I am hopeful, just cautiously hopeful though.


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