Thief Trailer Asks, "Did You Miss Me?"

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I find it kinda funny that nobody has mentioned the thing that irks me most about the trailer.

"What's yours is mine".

This aint thief. This is 50 cent.

Nobody has mentioned it, because it's probably attempt to tie this trailer with Deadly Shadows where:
"What is locked can be opened, what is hidden can be found, what is yours can be mine" was used in trailer.

1) The bow is actually pretty good idea. Being all sneaky & stealthy with full size bow was actually quite ridiculous to begin with (and in Thief 2 there was also a long sword - haha, that was a good one). In Deadly Shadows they've realized that sword was not a weapon for a professional thief, now they are trying to do something about a bow. Good thinking if you ask me.

2) Fighting & action in trailer means totally nothing. TDS trailer was full of fighting and in Thief 2 trailer Garret took the guard down as far as I recall .

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