Minecraft Comes To Xbox One Too

Minecraft Comes To Xbox One Too


Minecraft is coming to the Xbox One, because of course it is.

At this point Notch's open-world sandbox hit Minecraft should just be seen as ubiquitous. If I say to you "Microsoft just revealed that Minecraft will be appearing on the Xbox One," you should respond with "that is not surprising in any way, please tell us something new."

Unfortunately, I can't. When Microsoft opted to reveal the title at its ongoing E3 2013 press conference, the company showed only a few brief moments of video, none of which offered us anything that can't already be found in the Xbox Live Arcade iteration of Minecraft. Owing to the game's purposely blocky graphics, it doesn't even seem to feature any aesthetic improvements. We're hoping that the increased power of the Xbox One will allow its incarnation of Minecraft to more closely ape its PC source materia as far as increasing the potential size of in-game worldsl, but since Microsoft said nothing of substance about the title we can't even really be sure of that.

Expect Minecraft to hit the Xbox One either at launch or shortly thereafter. I wish I could give you a more solid release date, but again, Microsoft loves to play coy. We'll bring you more whenever the company is ready to hash things out properly.



I cannot think of a worse time to be as coy as Microsoft is being.

That said, if one of your big announcements for your new console is "It plays Minecraft!", that is a very bad sign.

Seems to me more people would be excited about a console that couldn't play Minecraft these days...

Man, MINECRAFT? THAT is the exclusive that will make me get an XBone. I'm glad they took the time to show it off.

Does it at least do everything the PC version does? I'm pretty sure the X360 one didn't.

Minecraft with the crytek engine =) That might actually be Project Spark.

Wait, Notch won't allow for Minecraft to be released on Steam but he'll release it on the Xbone. I have a feeling that this has more to do with Mojang's contract with MS than anything else but this smacks of hypocrisy. Then again, it still won't be as good as the PC version so it really doesn't matter.

Hmm... I guess Notch wasn't as steadfast about not supporting Windows 8 software certification (and by extension, windows 8 powered platforms) as some had hoped. Nor was he as interested in following up on developing Psychonauts 2 once Tim Shaffer (spelling?) ran the numbers past him.

I love Minecraft, but Notch isn't my personal hero. That said, it's a bit disappointing to see someone who's in a relevant position of power to issue 'buck the system' rhetoric and then shortly cave to it.

Depending on how much of a stick in the mud he was being, Microsoft probably just sighed and stunned him with a wads of cash until he agreed, or maybe they twisted his arm with some contractual clause. Or maybe he was just shouting into the void in the first place.

Microsoft spun this off while saying that they wanted to continue supporting indie developers. The fun fact that they're not telling anyone is that Mojang and Minecraft have always gotten special treatment on the XBLA, and Microsoft's actual reputation with indie devs has been absolutely atrocious. You don't need to look any farther than the whole Jonathan Blow PS3-exlusivity scandal to see that.

My question is if you already have it on the 360 will you be able to download an Xbone version or do you have to buy it a second time?

I don't need Minecraft on a console that I keep in my home. I already have my PC in my home. Please give me Minecraft for Vita, so I can play it at work or under my bed covers on a lazy morning.

Poor minecraft. Atleast its still on 360 and pc. I feel sorry for the guys wasting there time porting it to the d.o.a xbone.

What's the bloody point if you cannot use mods for it like Tekkit, Bukkit, Feed the Beast and dozens more?

Ah, poor notch, showing of how he lied to everyone, will bring a shitstorm. or rather it probably wont, because notch is infallable right?


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