Titanfall Details Revealed At EA E3 2013 Press Conference

Titanfall Details Revealed At EA E3 2013 Press Conference


In EA's 2013 press conference today, Respawn Entertainment Co-founder Vince Zampella unveiled a production video that offered more insight into their new FPS title, Titanfall.

The video detailed how the development team balanced the game in between mechs (Titans) and their pilots. A variety of developers explained that Titanfall is designed to pit two playstyles against each other - that of a modern FPS and a mech game. The mechs are fast and agile, but this is countered by on-foot players' abilities to wall run and move between buildings. Respawn rounded out the video by asserting that Titanfall is designed to include all the facets of a single player game into a multiplayer game, including story and cinematic experiences.


Ok, this look and or sound quite interesting // I'll bite but I do hope there is classes when it comes to the mechs



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