The Division Depicts The Post-Apocalypse by Tom Clancy

The Division Depicts The Post-Apocalypse by Tom Clancy

After viruses decimate society, a new Tom Clancy agency will secure the peace, one neighborhood at a time.

Almost all Tom Clancy games are united by a single element: Military operations in near-future settings. Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon addressed squad-based tactics, Splinter Cell examined stealth and espionage, and now Tom Clancy's The Division will examine how America's military would respond to a fictional post-apocalypse. Described as an online, open-world RPG, The Division is set in an alternate future where a virus has decimated American society, and a covert agency has emerged to save the civilians and resources that remain.

Ubisoft provided two E3 demos to introduce players to The Division's world. The first is a teaser introducing the premise itself, a scenario in which deadly viruses are spread across cash transactions during Black Friday. Since this world apparently never quite got the hang of debit card technology, millions were infected and the country plunged into chaos. Ubisoft's second video offered actual gameplay footage, depicting three agents and a drone-controlling operative make their way through a mostly deserted Manhattan, securing individual neighborhoods and resources along the way.

The Division's gameplay video presents XP bonuses and a persistent game world in which other units, possibly player-controlled, are active in real-time. Since The Division isn't openly touted as an MMO, presumably these online elements will be optional and co-op focused. Regardless, Ubisoft has hinted at cross-play with mobile devices, perhaps for players who will control those handy drones.

The Division has been confirmed for both the Xbox One and PS4.


After MGSV this is easily the best E3 game so far. It's definitely had the most actual gameplay in it.

So, that's it then? Post apocalyptic world looks like Detroit. I always knew it in my heart.

Kinda amazing. I really dislike UbiSoft as a company yet last E3 they blew me away with Watch_Dogs and this E3 they have The Division which I think looks very promising.
Damn you UbiSoft!

That was the stupidest sentence I have ever heard in my live.

"We created a system so complex that we no longer understand it"

Tom Clancy, you are to good writing what conspiracy theorist nut jobs are to deductive reasoning.

HOWEVER! The game looks fun. It's a tactical squad based shooter with what looks like Dark Souls elements where you run into other people or can invite them into your game...does anyone even remember the days when squad shooters existed and actually worked? What is going on here? Why is Ubisoft making so many games I WANT to have all of a sudden? (with the exception of Splinter Cell FUCK the people that murdered that series!)

They basically scratch every itch with a weird high concept title like watchdogs, the nostalgia itch with Rayman, the naval warfare itch I have been having since 2004 and now even a tactical squad based shooter! If we're not careful they might buy the rights to an old mech franchise and release it with a free awesome controler!

Though of course the quality evaluation still has to take place which scared me to death because these games almost all look like gambles to me. If they don't pay of, we ain't seeing the likes of them for a LONG WHILE.

That trailer escalated quickly.

Someone gets sick, earths runs out of oil the next day!

Adam Jensen:
So, that's it then? Post apocalyptic world looks like Detroit. I always knew it in my heart.

New York, now in Detroit flavor.

OT: Interesting, while Tom Clancy does good military and basic spy/espionage/you are the only one that can save the world because FUCK YOU, PLOT! books, games based on said books tended to be a bit wonky in the story department.

Cant say I like the HUD, the whole cyber overlay style kind of puts me off, but then again if the gameplay is even slightly true to that video then its a sale for me.

Love me some squad based shooters, even regardless of RPG elements. Really hope the skills are decent and not special to a class if they are even in the game.

the fact that you can pick up the food and water kind of makes me think its for your own character to use to regain health or replenish thirst/hunger since it didn't show points or XP for picking it up. If so that could be a bigger incentive to go out and secure areas other than "five more kills then I get to level up".

I agree with the other person in the thread, this along with MGS:V look like the two to-get games for me.

AND JOYOUS DAY ITS BEING RELEASED ON PS4, so far nothing that the Xbone has shown me has made me want it.

Maybe Killer Instinct, but it's been so long since the last one I forgot why I loved it in the first place.

Now, here is hoping Battlefront 3 gets a PS4 release also, then I definitely wont need a One.

Scumbag EA, shows a short clip of Battlefront and then immediately shows a longer video of Need for Speed.

That trailer escalated quickly.

Someone gets sick, earths runs out of oil the next day!

It won't be because everyone is sick, they'll just be to busy suing each other to get anything done.

There was a frame at 3:12 seconds of the first trailer that passed extremely quickly. It's a shadow of some guy with the words "slee" (as in sleeper cells) and "Shadow Organization" in front of it. Heh, easter egg.

It's a shame that this game is a console exclusive; I think I might have a blast with this on the PC. Seriously, a massive online sandbox game set in a beautifully rendered post apocalyptic New York? The gunplay might seem generic, but it still looks awesome.


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