LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Puts the Team Together

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Puts the Team Together

Traveller's Tales upcoming LEGO game will unite Marvel's heroes against the threat of Loki and his pointy hats.

It's hard to imagine LEGO games getting any more epic than Lord of the Rings, but Traveller's Tales might have a shot with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. We already know that the game will feature vistas from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will host over 100 playable characters. Now an E3 trailer is raising the stakes with threats that only the combined might of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, and more have a hope of defeating. On the bright side, if our heroes fail, at they can be reconstructed to make another attempt.

By and large, the trailer follows the ingredients checklist that made the LEGO franchise so successful. Iconic characters in block form? Check. Prop comedy? Check. Battles with massive bosses? Definite check. What's really impressive though, after years of licensing agreements, is finally seeing all of Marvel's heroes together in cinematic-themed environments. Also, while I still find voice-acting in a LEGO game to be out of place, I have to admit that Loki's performance is spot-on, and Marvel's heroes reflect their archetypes quite nicely.

The latest LEGO superhero game will launch for PC and all current-gen consoles and handhelds sometime this Fall.


Saw this at MCM this year. They showed a full level and boss fight of the game. Looks pretty awesome!

To TimeLord; is that a Digimon Gif? I approve :)

Saw this at MCM this year. They showed a full level and boss fight of the game. Looks pretty awesome!

Nice Gif.

Excited for this game for sure :D.

This is looking super cool. So excited!

This game is going to rule so hard! My only dilemma is deciding whether to get it on Wii U or PS3...

Oh snap: Deadpool is in this one too?! Honestly I hope they go Scribblenauts on this game and make it so that you can unlock/build hundreds of thousands of Marvel Super Heroes. It would be worth it to beat this thing as Squirrel Girl.

If they have Union Jack or Captain Britain I will buy this on release day......................who am I kidding, I'm buying this day one anyway.

I want to see Lego Galactus......because lego figure ever. lol Wonder if he will be unlockable? :-)

Hmm, this is most interesting, it would make a fantastic game if it wasn't lego based. 100s of Marvel characters to choose from and the ability to make your own? I'd probably buy that if the gameplay was only half decent.

But this is a Lego game, if they can make the most of that like they did with the star wars games (after that they really lost the fact that they were lego games, they may aswell have been cartoon versions of whatever they were). Add in some varied or even custom campaigns and the ability to build stuff yourself (imagine Tony Stark had the ability to build any number of robots out of lego pieces) and this could well be the best Marvel game ever.


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