Telltale Founder Would "Love" to Make a Mad Men Game

Telltale Founder Would "Love" to Make a Mad Men Game

Mad Men

Kevin Bruner finds current television dramas to be "inspirational."

Mad Men is the miraculous show that somehow manages to be classy and sleazy all at once. It draws viewers into an image of the past fraught with the turmoil of changing times and populated by characters that exude the complexity of the days they're living in. In short, it's a great television and, in the right hands, could make a great game too. At least that's what Telltale president and founder Kevin Bruner thinks.

"We would love to do Mad Men," said Bruner, speaking to PC Gamer. "Basically all this high-class, scripted television that's out there right now, we're rabid consumers of all of it. It's super inspirational to what we do, and the opportunity to make things like that are interactive would be awesome." Granted, a developer expressing a desire to work on a certain license doesn't mean it will ever happen, but it's hard not to imagine a world in which a Telltale-made Mad Men game wouldn't be a good idea.

It would, in the least, be a new direction for the studio following its work on comic-based licenses like The Walking Dead and the currently in-development Fables: The Wolf Among Us. Just thinking about the various forms a Mad Men game could take brings to mind some fun possibilities. Playing as established characters could be a bit limiting, but if it took a similar route to The Walking Dead and introduced a new cast of characters it could provide familiar drama without being limited by the typical Don Draper choices of drink, cheat and self-destruct. It's likely a pipe dream, but we can always hope.

Source: PC Gamer


I like that idea. You could perhaps play as the creative director of an ad agency starting up around the same time, scrambling for clients and having to make choices about which ideas to run with, as well as having to negotiate relationships at home and at work.

Love the show and love the idea. Shamanic Rhythm has got it right. A decision based game would be very interesting.

"Keep that sales pitch short Don"

Press X to drink at work.

Seriously, it sounds... difficult to pull off. The best version I can think of is a kind of Ad-Tycoon game with heavy emphasis on characterization. Either that or a Heavy Rain style broadly linear game following a specific campaign.

Oh, I love Mad Men! If they could make it work somehow, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

They should try Breaking Bad-ish game with emphasis on teaching chemistry. I think that'd be pretty cool.

Actually, never mind....

I have no clue how the show would transport to a game, but it better have Bob Benson.


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