Microsoft Exec: Offline Gamers Should Stick With Xbox 360

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It's a good thing I never bought an Xbox ever. I just really hope it crashes and burns, despite if it has good exclusives. The console itself is terrible, and it deserves to go under on its own.

Did someone poison Microsoft's watering hole?

I'm beginning to be concerned for their health, between the mess of the reveal, this jerk and the other jerk Orth on twitter.

You know what Mattrick, I was at least willing to listen to your lame ass excuses and apologies maybe evengive you a chance to come back but now just...go.

Sony? Nintendo? Shall we start the negotiations?

"As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly"- Arthur Carlson, WKRP in Cincinnat
Sums up the logistics team over at MS.

This would be the hight of arrogance if the Xbone was the only console to be released this year.

However with the PS4 also coming out this year this is the hight of stupidity.

The unbridled audacity of this prick is just jaw dropping. Good god Microsoft, fire this guy.

Wow, Microsoft. Bite me.

You know, I wasn't sure whether I wanted them to fail because they're being dicks or not fail because I like my 360, but I legitimately hope they fail hardcore for this now. I don't care anymore.

Let me see if I've got this straight: He's basically saying that, if you don't have a stable internet connection, "We at Microsoft still want your money, we just don't want your poor-ass, non-internet having hands all over our new toy. Here take our last generation model as a consolation prize and kindly fuck off."

How's that, am I paraphrasing that correctly?

Go to hell Microsoft.

He acts like we do not understand what online is, what cloud computing can do and so on. We know. It is awesome - when experienced on my own terms, without stupid restrictions that can add to further repercussions down the line (like the turning off servers that kills all single player experiences).

If you offer a great service you don't have to stick it down people throats. Get in touch with reality, MS. Jesus!

i thought i would not comment on Xbox One Cept for some jokes for that is all it is a joke, however now i have changed my mind, to do so much wrong, to do so much wrong that it makes my head hurt from the rage is bad. To say that if you want online you have the 360 for that, Sir Don, are you on meth, pot, crack, acid, pcp, please tell me what the hell are you on. To say such stupid crap in the course of a month i have to wonder if your on drugs. Add this to the fact that the Xbox One wont release in Asia to late 2014 and i have one last question WHY, why do this who the hell did you think wanted this? Why are you seemingly and knowingly committing suicide? I love the 360 just like i loved my PS2, but I do not care if Sony makes the PS5 the most shittiest console in the world and it costs 1 grand on launch, and your next console redeems itself i will never buy another of your products you two faced twit of a company and representative.

How did this guy get to such a high position? How fast can Microsoft fire him? I guess not fast enough to save their stock.

It's getting to the point where I almost think there's some kind of conspiracy going on here...somehow, in some convoluted way, MS is going to make a killing off the Xbox One's failure. Every - single - thing that they've said since day once has almost specifically been designed to piss gamers off. Not only did they already sound like arrogant asses on this topic already by saying "All Xbox One users have the internet", but now they're doubling-down and out-right insulting gamers that can't get stable internet connections. They're literally declaring "Yeah, fuck everyone who doesn't have an internet connection, we do NOT want your business."

Nobody could fuck up this bad and keep their job. Nobody could start a fire with a reveal as crappy as the XBone's and then do absolutely nothing but dump gasoline on it with every interview, every snippet of news that comes out afterwords. Someone made a topic earlier today asking "What did Sony do that was so great?" asking why everyone's doing backflips over the news about the's because of crap like this. Microsoft's entertainment division is quite literally self-destructing and shows absolutely no care about it at all and thus have no intent on trying to wrangle this PR nightmare apocalypse.

That's why I'm starting to think there's a conspiracy going on's getting to the point where it seems that every wrong step they take is completely intentional.

I think I've even seen that bit but I somehow must have missed that part... wow:

He's basically telling people not to get their product. xD

And people who don't have always working Internet are apparently either on a Nuclear Submarine (They're not supporting the troops! Isn't that like bad in the US? :P) or imagining it.

Hey people, don't buy our product. We still intend to sell 400 million units, but you guys don't need to buy it...

Yeah, you basically said what I was thinking. I'll be looking forward to see how their support for the 360 will keep up the level of the last 8 years for those of us who likes to play offline. I'm soooooo certain it will be on the same level as Sony with PS4 and Nintendo with Wii U which are the options to the 350 and Xbox One that don't require online access...

"And until you use it, it's really hard to understand what all the advantages are."

Okay, how about just one? How about you stop telling us there are advantages and just spell out ONE ADVANTAGE? Because right now the only selling point Microsoft seems to be giving us for the Xbone is the promise that there is a selling point.

After going through a list of reasons to buy their product and crossing them out one by one, Microsoft forges on with the brilliant strategy to tell people not to bother buying it!

Has Sony installed control chips in their brains or something?

Well, if that's not incredibly pompous and arrogant sounding of him, I don't know what is. "No internet connection? Tough. Though you can play our old console!"

He says offline gamers should stick with the 360. Good idea, considering it's definitely better than that piece of junk you call an Xbox One

Alright then, I already have a tv remote and don't need a watercooler so I guess I'll just stick with the 360 then.
The only selling point of that thing so far is "you just don't get it, maybe if you buy one and use it you will".

In other news, champagne was popped open at EA headquarters because it seems like they won't be winning Worst Company in America three years in a row.

The sheer arrogance that someone has to have to make a statement like that is indescribable. They should have kept Adam Orth around, because Mattrick is basically just doing the exact same song and dance with a different spin on it. "Live somewhere without a connection? Piss off and buy our older console, you penniless scrub."

He actually thinks more people are going to buy a 360 over a PS4 over the next 8 years SIMPLY to stay loyal to his brand?

He's about to be majorly disappointed. God, I can't wait for the sales reports to come out. It'll be like a second Christmas.

This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

But the train is carrying gasoline, and dynamite, and nukes.

I think this guy is going to get a nice Christmas present from Sony if this is what he considers good PR.

Andy Chalk: is a "service-based world..."

And this, my friends, is the admission that they (not just MS, either) want to lock you into paying a recurring fee for just about everything you do. It is only a matter of time before you wonder why you have to pay a fee to use that internet-enabled refrigerator you bought and paid for, just so you can upload your recipes and grocery-list to "the cloud."

I actually gave Microsoft too much credit in thinking they would keep quiet.

Seriously? Pretty much saying fuck you to everyone with a concern about the always-on requirement?

That nuclear submarine comment was just dumb as well. Suggesting that the only person who had bad internet was living deep on a fucking sub...Wow, there are just no words.

At least Microsoft is actually providing me with decent entertainment for once.

I'm sure it could be a great service, but it doesn't change the fact that there is no reason to implement online requirements. God forbid someone use the online services your console provides because they want to and not because they have to.

There just isn't a good reason to alienate so many people. Yes, it is totally unreasonable a single player game to work offline when the hardware running it is right in front of you.

Exactly. That's what I've been thinking these last few weeks. It's not the direction MS wants to go (all digital) that's bad, it's the big brother "did you ask permission, you untrustworthy little thief?" attitude they are bringing to it.

Occasionally, instead of trying to form coherent rebuttals to people like Mattrick, I will look to the philosophers of the past and present. I'll defer to a philosopher of the present to sum up my thoughts.

"Suck my dick." - Jim Sterling

Glad to see Microsoft learned from Sony's presentation yesterday.

Oh wait... no they didn't. Of course they didn't. They were 2/3 of the way into a bottle of Kristal when Sony tore them a new rectum.

The idiocy is staggering.

Don't need to tell me twice microsoft, I won't touch your console even if every best exclusive magically hopped there.

Some where high up in the ranks of Microsoft, there is some one with a crap ton of Sony stock, who really want's MS to fail this generation, so he can get rich from his Sony stock.

I mean, what else can it be. No sane person would ever think think that what MS is doing is the smart thing. Unless it's on purpose that is.

Guys guys, whats with all the hate for this statement?
"Don't by the Xbone"
best statement microsoft has made in months.

I can't think of any system that I want to buy LESS than the xbone. Fuck those smug shitheads at M$, you will get nothing from me but pissed off looks...
PS4 has already got a reserve off me after the show last night. Treating every possible customer like a criminal that must check in regularly is NOT how you gain customers, other companies obviously know this so they'll make some cash off me.

"Until you use it, it's really hard to understand what all the advantages are."

I would appreciate it if Mattrick tried flogging his magic beans at a different village to mine.


Gabe Yaden:

The sad thing is the console will still sell relatively well when ignorant dudebros are going to dish out $500 so they can play the next COD and BF4.

Like it or not those so-called dude bros are bringing in piles of money to support your hobby, so perhaps acting like a jackass to them isn't the best course of action.

Agreed. Be rare to find one that even bothers to research a console before hand though. I already have 3 friends that have pre-ordered the xbone. They're not the brightest people.

There's still hope. I know a lot of casual gamers who were scared off by the creepiness of the Kinect alone. They're otherwise unaware of how horrible the XBone really is. Add to it the fact that I'm telling pretty much everyone I see not to buy it, as I'm sure many other people are as well. Yeah, it'll sell some units, it's a gaming system: of course it will. But the Dreamcast sold units, and we all know what happened to that. The difference is that the Dreamcast was a fun little console while the XBone is a rectangular piece of giant slug shit.

That's right folks: the XBone is something that Jabba the Hutt shat out after eating too many of those little frog thingies.


And until you use it, it's really hard to understand what all the advantages are

So tell us Microsoft, what are the advantages of not being able to play your single player games because your internet is down?

Well OBVIOUSLY they can't tell you what the advantages are, they'd be too hard to understand! :P

Apparently all the advantages exist within the Matrix, because you have to experience them for completely removing yourself from reality.

I almost wish the Xbox 360 outsells the Xbone on release day, just for irony's sake after that comment.

Honestly, his comment sounded a lot like he was saying "Don't want to buy an expensive new car that constantly requires gas? Well, just buy a horse! All it needs is feed and a stable!"

Offline gamers should stick with Xbox 360.

There, I fixed it for you...

Not much more need be said than this. Don Mattrick has his head so far up his ass his head is making a second lap through his digestive tract.

Is this guy an idiot? Clearly he has no idea how to do PR. This is just about 1 or 2 steps above coming right out and saying "fuck you" to your potential customers. You don't get much worse than that when it comes to PR.

Andy Chalk:
The implication that only people living in submarines would have problems with the online requirement notwithstanding, Mattrick claimed Microsoft knew there would be resistance to the decision but said people would come to embrace the idea of a connected console once they actually had a chance to see it in action.

Yeah we'll see how much people "embrace" it when your sales tank esp. when you keep making boneheaded statements like this one.

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