Microsoft Exec: Offline Gamers Should Stick With Xbox 360

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Wow Microsoft is straight up starting flamewars against their userbase, only surprising thing right now is they aren't running a new slogan "Xbone, buy it or you're a fag!".

I...I just don' does he even...what?

First, not understanding what it means to be on a nuclear sub? It means the guy is in the armed forces and it's rather hard to get an internet connection when you're under the ocean running military drills and "protecting our freedom" and whatnot. I'm betting the soldiers out in the Middle East on those fire bases don't have the best internet connection either. Way to just throw them all under the bus and insult what they do.

Next, let me see if I have this right. Microsoft is literally telling people to NOT buy their new product? Did I miss something? Is that now a valid business strategy? Telling consumers that your new product is not for them, so they should save their money and just keep your old product is...that's baffling from a business standpoint. That is telling people not to give your company money. How...?

Finally, and here's a small nugget of hope, does this mean that support for the 360 will continue? Will it still get new games? Will it get Halo 5 and Halo 6 (because those are the only reasons I'd buy a Xbox One) and other exclusives a few years from now? If that's the case, then I have no interest in buying their new console because their old one is still giving me everything I want.

I have been watching this Xbox One thing and just shaking my head as Microsoft slowly races toward a cliff in my eyes--when CNN starts reporting on your system and is warning that things aren't looking good, you know you're in trouble--but this! This has caused me to finally sit up and go, "No! What the hell are you doing?!"

SOoo...... When do you think they'll promote him high enough that he'll never have to speak or do anything public again?

Well at least he doesn't fully adhere to the "all polished PR rambling" Like all those other stereotypical businessmen go by, He does something unique by doing a "Half-assed polished PR ramble with a hint of jerk-ish honesty of his opinions" speech.

OT: well looks like the 360 won't be discontinued just yet, let's see how far they think this will go on before we get our "Show"

Holy cow.

1. "If you don't have stable internet connection, don't bother coming to the next gen where all the new games are.

2. He tells us that people who want to play old games are silly, then tells us to play old games.

3. He's actively telling people to not buy the new console.

4. He's actively telling people to not buy the new console.

Dammit, guys, I'm trying to lose weight! This is too rich for me!

Why thank you Microsoft for confirming that I should just stick with the Xbox 360. Please, keep talking. You're only furthering my resolve to never buy an Xbox One and making my console buying decisions this generation that much easier.

Seriously, though, is Microsoft really so disconnected from gamers that they honestly think we would like to hear what they are saying? They must be because I can't see anyone saying stuff as ridiculous as this guy is saying if they really do understand the gaming community.

so basicly Microsoft executive Don Mattrick says "suck it, we don't care about you"... yeah, I kinda had that feeling since a couple of months ago

I am a bit confused. Is he saying they are still going to support the X-Box 360 after the X-Box One comes out and support it all throughout the entire next generation of consoles and still have games made for it? Or is he saying that they don't want people who want to play offline as customers? It sounds like he is saying the latter.

It almost sounds like he expected the PS4 to do the same thing that the X-Box One is doing and now that he found out it isn't that he is trying to get people to still buy a console for those that want to play offline.

Microsofts attitude is just awesome. I'm having so much fun laughing about these morons. It's not just the Xbone with which they're alienating their customer base. It was the same with Windows 8...

"You don't like our new interface? Tough luck!"

And look how impressive the Windows 8 and Windows Smartphone sales are....

Hopefully the Xbone sales will at least be similarly disappointing

They don't even address the issue of un-planned outages or even planned upgrades. I have stable internet, its up 99% of the time i would say. Only a few weeks ago, line damage meant i had no internet for 3 weeks. I bought a couple PC games and played them single player because i could and it was a viable alternative during a frustrating 3 weeks.

What i would love to say to this guy, from an audience or to his face is simple;

"How about i take my $499. I take my $499 and go and spend $399 on a PS4, i spend the other on a bottle of Glenfiddich. I take my PS4 home, and my whiskey and i enjoy both of them offline while you go AND FUCK YOURSELF!"

That would be gratifying.

"don't buy our new console" that's what i heard there.
this guy sounds like a right mook.

That's probably the best thing to come out of Microsoft's mouth these past few months/years, and the only thing I will follow the suggestion of. PS4 it is :-)

Wait... Let me get this straight...

If I want an "offline console", I can just buy a 360? A console which biggest claim to fame was the online multiplayer. When people commented on what made the 360 "worth it" they brought up the online aspect. But that's totally the "offline console" I should buy.

Has this guy even heard of the XBox 360?

Ironically, I have an internet connection capable of supporting the Xbone, but I'm going to act as if I didn't for the purposes of purchasing one. (Which is to say, I WON'T BE PURCHASING ONE.) I've got more games than I do time to play them and I'm still working through my backlog from the end of 2011! I won't be needing anything "next-gen" for a long, long time.

Let me see if I've got this straight: He's basically saying that, if you don't have a stable internet connection, "We at Microsoft still want your money, we just don't want your poor-ass, non-internet having hands all over our new toy. Here take our last generation model as a consolation prize and kindly fuck off."

How's that, am I paraphrasing that correctly?

Go to hell Microsoft.

Yeah, that's it.

It's a pretty fucking horrible message, no matter who you are or what you already own. If you already own a 360, Microsoft is saying "Well, no next generation for you then", which is frankly fucking retarded simply because THEY HAVE COMPETITORS.

Speaking of which, if you own a Wii or a PS3 or a PC, Microsoft seems to think people are going to want to 'upgrade' to a 360. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Hey, some people buy more than one console from a generation, but they don't fucking delude themselves into thinking that buying something from the same generation is an 'upgrade'.

And if you don't own any consoles or a PC less than eight (or w/e) years old? "Hey, you don't get the option of playing the latest and the greatest games out there, you get this thing we made five years ago as a consolation prize [I liked how you put that before, so I'm stealing it]." This is AGAIN ignoring the fact that their competitors don't have the same bullshit restrictions.

I thought Microsoft was being stupid enough by placing anti-consumer bullshit into their console and driving potential customers away simply by adding always online, but now they've literally come out and said "We don't care about your problems, but you 'obviously' can't complain because we've got the only game console out there, right? Right?"

Microsoft... At least EA had the common sense to treat people like shit AFTER they had purchased their products. I look forward to you bending the laws of reality to earn that 1 Billion Xbone sales you were hoping for.

I actually gave Microsoft too much credit in thinking they would keep quiet.

Seriously? Pretty much saying fuck you to everyone with a concern about the always-on requirement?

That nuclear submarine comment was just dumb as well. Suggesting that the only person who had bad internet was living deep on a fucking sub...Wow, there are just no words.

At least Microsoft is actually providing me with decent entertainment for once.


Even the optimist in me can't rationalize this statement, or suggest that he was merely exaggerating. And this is the retarded voice in my head who thought that maybe, just MAYBE, Microsoft would be offering free internet to those who didn't have it with the Xbone. This has been said before, but it's amazing just how out of touch with reality these retards are.

Edit: I just realized something. He's even giving the big 'fuck you' to this guy he was talking about in the nuclear submarine. That's just... Wow. And you actually think you're somehow convincing us.

How does this man, who clearly shouldn't be allowed to tie his shoes by himself much less speak on behalf of a company, still have a job?

I'm pretty sure the #DealWithIt guy got fired for being a flippant ass, and yet you allow this sort of behavior from the President of Interactive Entertainment Business? Honestly? I could do a better job of spinning your BS Public Relations issue with a plastic bag tied around a neck and my hands zip-tied. I use the 'about to be murdered' example in this case, however, because that would be the extent to which you would actually have to go in order to convince me to help you advertise what is essentially the BIGGEST "fuck you" ever directed intentionally at a company's consumer base since I came up with my themed restaurant idea called "You'll Eat It and Like It, Dammit!"


Let me be clear on this.

I -have- an Xbox 360. I -have- the original XBOX. I -LOVE- them. I really, REALLY wanted all these stupid rumors to be just that. I thought for CERTAIN you'd know better than to shoot yourself in the foot like this and alienate such an ENORMOUS part of your user base. I wanted to believe it, and I wanted to show some loyalty to the console that has always served me well.

My faith, and good will, are rewarded by this? By a man too mind-numbingly vacant in the cranium to understand 'what it means to be on a nuclear sub' telling me that I SHOULDN'T buy your product because it's not MEANT for me? This was seriously your brilliant plan? I'm only still working on my associate's degree in business, but I'm pretty sure this is a PRIME example of precisely what they've taught me NOT to do. Alienate customers, insult their intelligence, and DISSUADE them from buying your product? It's like the Triple-Play of terrible business sense. You do know that that whole 'no such thing as bad publicity' thing isn't true, right?


Good luck finding someone willing to commit career suicide to replace your President of Interactive Entertainment Business when you find enough common sense to fire this idiot.

How does this guy still have a job? Every time he opens his mouth he helps Sony sell a few more PS4s. Adam Orth said less than this guy and he got fired.

As a man who makes his living off of customer service, market analysis, and business partnering this is just amazing for me to watch. Sort of like a concert violinist watching a drunken meth addict play a two-string guitar while he's on fire.

How can Microsoft, a major company, be THIS terrible at PR that they explicitly tell consumer bases not to buy their newest gadget and that gamers fears are just the process of them "imagining outcomes"?! Did they fire their entire legal/PR staff? If not, they need to slap some shovels out of their representatives hands before they dig themselves any deeper.

This is starting to turn to Parody really quickly. Microsoft needs to stop digging the hole their under or else the fallout of this thing is gonna be even worse then when this thing comes out and crashes and burns. They have become some twisted joke of how we envision Corporate America.

"And until you use it, it's really hard to understand what all the advantages are."

That's a terrible PR line. You should really be able to tell me what the advantages of it is before I'm picking it up and using it. I've got a list of intrusive disadvantages, and I guess TV and Sports (neither of which I need my console for), but so far...I don't have any advantages that aren't found elsewhere without all the inconveniences. But hey, if you don't want me to buy your new product, that's okay. I won't. Your largest gaming rival company is also putting out a new console, for $100 less, with a better selection of games I'd actually like to play, and not just "TV AND SPORTS!"

Man, M$ is digging themselves such a deep hole at such a great speed, I think they forgot they're not playing Minecraft all the time.

Oh, and Relevant, I guess.

I want to know who let this guy in charge of what used to be a very nice division.

Hey, Don Mattrick, I've got a console for people who can't get online.

It's called the PlayStation 4.

Or the Wii U.

Or something that doesn't come from Microsoft.

Sound good?

Sniper Team 4:

Finally, and here's a small nugget of hope, does this mean that support for the 360 will continue? Will it still get new games? Will it get Halo 5 and Halo 6 (because those are the only reasons I'd buy a Xbox One) and other exclusives a few years from now? If that's the case, then I have no interest in buying their new console because their old one is still giving me everything I want.

New games and exclusives? Maybe. Online server support? Extremely unlikely, seeing as this message is directed at people who don't have any internet. So, your Halo 6 360 version probably won't have online multiplayer, because fuck you.


Way to talk around the issues but not about the issues. I'm guessing that for the majority of XBox users, arranging an internet connection is not impossible. (Let's distract them with that story about the submarine!)

But it's not online capabilities that are the problem, you dumbass, it's online requirements! I have no problems with a console going online if it benefits me, the customer. But Microsoft has not shown anyway yet that this has. So here are some of the actual questions that need answering:

1) How does the the once-every-24-hours connection benefit me?
2) Why, if the console cannot connect, does it prevent you playing already installed, offline games?
3) Can you guarantee that in 10+ years, this console will still work, and I will be able to use the device and games I paid for?

If there are cloud-based games, I accept they won't work without a connection. If there are updates, I accept those won't work without a connection. I don't see why other of those should affect games that don't require them, though. As an example of how it should work: STEAM. You can offline as long as you want, whenever and wherever you want.

What you are is a monkey in a suit, throwing your shit at me. "But wait!" you cry, "Don't wipe it off until you have tasted it!" If it looks like shit and smells like shit, it's shit. I don't need to taste it to make sure.

So, how long before Mattrick gets his pink slip?

What he doesn't get is that the problem is not that I have to be connected all the time but they have to provide the service all the time - and that is simply not reliable. We see how much 'always on' launches struggle on the PC with only a few exceptions (and there the companies did use more ressources that usual for the launch) and even after launch there are often downtimes for whatever reasons (WoW was unplayable for people who had internet from certain providers - they still had internet). You can't reliable provide that support for the amount of people you have to expect.

In other words he basically said deal with it.
nice job digging your selves in a deeper hole of the negative pr for microsoft/xbox.

"Well this consoles going down all on the account of the shit storm though well crash there no need to frown as were all going together and I won't say he owes me as I disappear to the Ps4 because I am in good company as we are all going together"

"As I was sinking down into the brine, when a curious sight caught my eye.
Seaman Mycrosoft had found him a raft and was makin' a speedy goodbye.
At the risk of sounding absurd, I have always been good as my word.
So a power cord, I lanced into his eye and I knocked his ass overboard."

"Wow he's right, he's talked me around, I can't wait for an Xbox one now." Said no one ever.

Seriously, is he trying to shame people into buying it? He's basically saying, "Complainers just aren't cool enough to get this consol."

Some hacker is going to take down the Xbox network for a coule days at some point, remember the psn trouble,only thid time itll be a catastrophe be cause all xbones will be bricked after the first day.

I don't want to say I hope the Xbone will fail; but it would put several bags of popcorn to good use to watch the chaos that would ensue if MS pulls a Simcity and everyone who pre-ordered an Xbox One couldn't play it for a week due to server overload.

OT: This whole episode reminds me of the Abercrombie and Fitch "fat people don't belong in our clothes" saga.

I'm amazed how they can do something so right and so wrong at the same time. The game presentation on E3 seemed awesome, but all of the policies of the console itself are a shit sandwich, and frankly, for multiplat the PS4 will deliver at a cheaper price and for first person, I'm thinking Sony is better at that too. So yeah, they either stop being assholes or I see a crash and burn.

OW, my head! It hurts! But I can't stop banging it on this brick wall! A wall made of bricked Xbox Ones!

Hold on a second there Microsoft. Are you saying that Xbox 360 is the only offline device I can use instead of Xbone? I can think of a few more. PC, PS3, Wii U and...

...wait for it...

PlayStation 4!

Gabe Yaden:

The sad thing is the console will still sell relatively well when ignorant dudebros are going to dish out $500 so they can play the next COD and BF4.

Like it or not those so-called dude bros are bringing in piles of money to support your hobby, so perhaps acting like a jackass to them isn't the best course of action.

These dude bros are not supporting our hobby they are ruining it by swallowing every coolaid that the industry puts infront of them.

All the negative sides of the xbone can be attributed to mindless and uninformed consumerism.. you know.. just what those so called "dudebros" do.

Also we should be thankfull for to them for only buying CoD BF and EA sports games?

Sorry to burst your bubble but dudebros are the problem here not the solution.

Did.... Did he just tell people to "deal with it"? Wow, that's just remarkable.

I hope they leave the game industry after the Xbone. MS clearly showed their DRM and anti-user "fature" infested vision of the industry. I hate what they want. I just hate it. This is honestly the first time I would say I truly hate something in gaming. Until now I was only disliking things, but this is just hatred. I absolutely don't want something like this to happen and I simply can't trust MS even a bit with gaming anymore.

Even if they tone it down the next gen, they will strive to make their vision reality and I don't want that possibility to even exist. I'm honestly scared for gaming if the Xbone is successful. I'm scared I would lose the hobby I loved my whole life.

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I love you too captcha, just please stop appearing in every post.

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