ESA Calls The Cops on Ouya's Parking Lot E3 Booth

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It's far more likely the ESA just doesn't care and had rented the parking space for, you know, the trucks to load and drop off equipment, displays and such. And the cops were just doing their duty, given the nature of the event, most likely for traffic reasons, as opposed to being called in by the ESA. Note that while Ouya's claiming they did, there's no proof of it, to me it sounds like it's more of them crying wolf for the free publicity and trying to play victim against The Man.

Cmon Thri!

I seriously had it on my mind that the ESA didnt like people going against their norm and was trying to shut them out...

Then you give me that point of view, and hell! Now I cant complain about the ESA or Ouya since I dont know the situation.

Blah. Logic.

Vault Citizen:
First they back SOPA, now they are doing this. I wonder what the ESA will do next to make themselves look bad.

Well they can't do too much worse to make themselves look bad outside of a kitten eating contest.

OT: Let's give a nice slow clap to the ESA for being the kind of immature morons that the mainstream believes the gaming industry to be.


Please send ten more trucks, ESA. I really want to see what the Ouya guys do next. I'm liking this a lot.

To be honest I haven't been following the Ouya close enough to take sides. Renting parking space... twice, is not cheap to do especially when it's prime real estate. I'd have to ask that if they are willing to spend this kind of money they didn't just pay for space in E3. This leads me to wonder if they were banned from E3, told no they couldn't come, or whatever else, and what the reasons for doing so were. It's really hard to say if I should be upset with the ESA for being bullies, or if the Ouya guys were themselves being a bunch of jerks.

As far as the bit with the segways, I did not use one when I worked casino security, but I very much "get" what it's all about. To put it simply the point is that they are small enough where you can get off them to chase someone almost instantly and not leave behind a hazard the side of a bike (which can tip over) for passing people in a crowd or whatever. When your on hard concrete for 8+ hours a day, running back and forth to respond to every little thing, it takes a toll, and having a Segway is actually an efficient way of taking some pressure off of the feet of patrollers. Understand that people that do this wind up with a lot of foot injuries, and as ironic as it might sound, after god knows how many hours of zipping back and forth on foot, you can wind up with very tired security guys which can be bad if they suddenly have to chase a shoplifter or whatever. If you've never done that, well... I suppose for many it's
hard to really visualize. Cover the length of a mall 8 or 9 times inside of an hour, having to rush each time, and see how you feel. :)

As far as segways that can do stairs... lol... well going up 20 flights of stairs a bunch of times in a hotel on a regular basis I kind of wish I had one. I don't care what kind of shape your in, that sucks... and it was a nessicary part of patrol roots to make sure nobody was doing anything in those stairwells. You'd typically go up one side, and then down the other (ie up a flight of stairs, cross the level of the hotel to another stairwell, up those stairs, ad infinium, get to the top, then do it in reverse back down... again and again for however long your post was).

In short I'm 100% in support of these for police and security use, and actually a bit envious. Should those in the peanut gallery ever wind up doing this kind of thing seriously they won't think it's so funny.

I'm sorry everyone. I know I should be angry about ESA's continued asshattery (first backing SOPA, now this) or I should be saying something about Ouya's publicity now skyrocketing, but all I can think about are those cop segways.

Seriously, cop tricycle segways. What's wrong with a motorcycle? Or your feet?

Well, as it turns out, the policing in that parking lot got nothing on the heavy-handed policing in, say, Germany.

I just got word that plenty of Ouya kickstarter backers will remain to be wannabe Oyua owners, as customs are holding their gear back, with the intention to DESTROY the OUYA units as per procedure. Looks like the controller as well as the console feature the CE logo, but the power supply does not seem to feature a CE logo. That, and the fact that there is no appointed representative in the EU seems to get the OUYA a treatment less favourable than that of a majority of knockoffs, fakes and containers full of cheap Chinese clothing.

Users are trying to fight/appeal and whatnot, but it currently does not look good.

Some counties seem to go at it in the most heavy-handed way possible (OUYA? NO SUCH THING! DESTROY!), others have declared to keep the consoles back for 'further testing'. This may or may not prove to be a good thing, as I have not yet seen any of this 'testing' to come free of charge, even if the tests prove the OUYA and the enclosed power supply to be A-OK.


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