Arma Developer Takes On Mars Exploration

Arma Developer Takes On Mars Exploration

Welcome to the Red Planet; see if you can find water, in the Rover you designed.

"Explore the scarred face of another world," says Bohemia Interactive, developer behind the near-future warfare Arma series, as it announces its latest project: Take On Mars, an addition to the Take On simulation series. You'll take the Rover you designed to the Red Planet, as part of the Space Agency's program of scientific discovery. Or maybe you'll just crash the thing, but that could get expensive.

There will be scenarios, but you could as easily play in free-form. The idea is to use a limited budget - increased by completing missions - to build a Rover and send it off to space. Best be careful with it, as the dynamic destruction system allows you to bust it however you like, in however many pieces you like, but that sort of thing can only impede research. The game will be fully modable, allowing users to create custom scenarios, vehicles and locations.

No release date for this one yet; sometime in 2013 is the most Bohemia will say. It's a digital download title, aroundabout $13 bucks a pop.

Source: Bohemia Interactive


Red Rover, Red Rover send H2Over

Are they serious? *checks date* well its not 1st of April. If this is real that sounds bloody awesome :-O and came out of nowhere. BIS I knew there was a reason I loved you :-)

"I'd buy that for thirteen dollars!"

I'd like to see the 'create your own rover' aspect, but with as much as I've played Mars Rover Lander and Kerbal Space Program, I'm likely to pick this up regardless.

Sounds cool on paper. but if its a realistic simulator of rover exploration people will get bored real fast.

Bohemia is so awesome. I could just imagine what kind of sci fi military game they could make.

Consider me a buyer for this! I really hope they let me make a rover that can crawl around on legs instead of wheels.

Sounds cool on paper. but if its a realistic simulator of rover exploration people will get bored real fast.

I think you underestimate the ability for people to enjoy the ever-loving shit out of realistic simulators, even if it sounds, on paper, boring. Besides, there's also potential mod support that could really spice the game up when/if handed over to the players. I can imagine some very creative things could be done with a game like this.

About time someone put out this game!

Naysayers: This will be the first game about nuclear powered robot laser tanks in space.... that is actually realistic!

almost all the content in take on helicopters can be ported over to arma... does that mean we will be able to do it with this too?



Pretty cool! It'll be interesting to see whether someone goes and combines this with Kerbal. That'd be some high quality stuff right there.

netween this kerbal space program and the up comming buzz aldrin space program manager its going to be a good year for space sims

... buzz aldrin space program manager ...

The what now?!?


Huh. This is the first I've heard of it. Sounds interesting as a managerial sim (my favorite games seem to include spreadsheets...).

Thanks for the heads-up!


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