Ballistics Gone Gold

Ballistics Gone Gold


Linux gamers who have the the need, the need for speed that is, have a new outlet for their obsession in the form of Ballistics, a futuristic racing game from Linux Game Publishing.

Players will be transported to the year 2090, where they will experience the future of Formula One racing as they pilot their speeders through such remote locations as the Belize jungle, the Grand Canyon and a futuristic Houston, Texas.

Ballistic is available for purchase on May 31 at the Linux Game Publishing site. Upon purchase, the game will be shipped to you, and it does not appear to be available as a digital download. A demo is available for the curious.

LGP Product Page: Link
LGP Demo Download: Link


There is an almost sad quality to this...Ballistics came out like six years ago and to little critical or public acclaim. I wonder who in the world decided this would be a worthwhile port?

Hey, it's Linux.

I didn't remember it until I fired up the demo and remembered playing the PC demo ages ago and giving it a pass. I ended up playing Armagetron all evening instead.


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