Myst Comes to the DS

Myst Comes to the DS


Midway brings Myst to a whole new generation on a whole new platform. But no worries, they're including some special treats for the rest of us who have already solved all the accursed music puzzle.

A completely new age, the "Rime Age," has been added to the world, which doesn't require you to carry an inventory or allow you to die. In addition, new audio, effects and video have been added throughout the game, and all the original audio and video has been remastered. Myst's engine has been completely re-written from the ground up to take advantage of the DS.


Wasn't one of Myst' highest selling points the beauty of the landscapes and structures?
How is that supposed to translate onto the DS?
Sounds more like Missed than Myst, but that may be me.

I agree with Arbre, but it can't hurt the DS to have a solid point-click adventure.


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