Red Bull, FreeStyleGames Join Forces

Red Bull, FreeStyleGames Join Forces


Red Bull has joined forces with U.K. developer FreeStyleGames to develop a series of "triple-A titles" based around the company's famous energy drink.

Intended for "new consoles," FreeStyleGames has said that the titles will offer "immersive, entertaining and social experiences."

"This partnership goes way beyond the in-game advertising deals seen in videogames to date," said FreeStyleGames Commercial Director Chris Lee. "It's important to stress that we're working hand-in-hand to co-develop and design compelling, triple-A titles that will be a true reflection of the Red Bull Energy Drink brand, as well as great, original gaming experiences in their own right."

Previously, the two companies have joined for sponsorship of the development of FreeStyleGames' PlayStation 2 game B-Boy. According to FreeStyleGames Art Director Jamie Jackson, that partnership "only just scratched the surface of the potential of this relationship."

Further details have not yet been released, but FreeStyleGames has said that release dates and publisher information will be announced soon.



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