Playboy Discusses Gaming's Health Perks

Playboy Discusses Gaming's Health Perks


Playboy, in one of its non-pictorial pieces, delves into the ways games can make you look and feel like a model.

The July issue of Playboy has a "Justification Station" sidebar titled "Play Healthy" by Scott Jones that covers the health advantages to gaming. The article lists a variety of specific improvements games can contribute to your well-being, such as:

  • Improving Your Eyesight: Playing action games can "sharpen visual acuity."
  • Stay Young: Four hours of gaming a week improves reaction times, reasoning and short-term memory.
  • Losing Weight: Nintendo's Wii requires some legitimate exercise.
  • Recuperation: Right alongside laughing, games can be one of man's best potions.
  • Stimulate Your Brain: Brain Age and its ilk actually improve brain functions like memory.

Source: WiiCast



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