Sony Not Ready To Rumble On PS3

Sony Not Ready To Rumble On PS3

In response to rumors concerning a Sony confirmation of a rumble-capable controller for the PlayStation 3 console, SCEA issued a denial.

An SCEA representative told that, "The SCEA employee referenced in Kotaku's story stated that he had read in the news that third parties are working on a controller with rumble for PS3. His comments were taken out of context.

"Sony has made no announcements about rumble and PS3."

In a recent E3 panel talk, SCEA's Jack Tretton said a settlement has been reached with Immersian over the rumble technology and that an implementation may be possible sometime down the line.

"The bottom line is we haven't made that decision and we didn't have anything to announce or introduce [at E3]," said Tretton.



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