50 Cent Sues Ad Firm Over Banner Game

50 Cent Sues Ad Firm Over Banner Game

Rap artist 50 cent is suing an internet advertising company for considerably more - $1 million to be exact - for allegedly using a likeness of his imagine in a promotional campaign.

The firm, Traffic Inc. of Preal River, New York reportedly ran a banner ad depicting 50 Cent walking back and forth, while the computer user is enjoined to use his mouse to shoot the rapper.

A successful hit brings a splash of red and transports the user to one of the agency's client websites where merchandise is sold.

50 Cent, legally named Curtis James Jackson, is a well-known victim of gun violence, and frequently explores - and exploits - the theme of having survived in his music.

A lawyer for the rapper said his client learned of the depiction when one of his managers saw it on MySpace.

Source: Yahoo News



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