Microsoft Head (Literally) Bets On a $400 PS3 This Year

Microsoft Head (Literally) Bets On a $400 PS3 This Year

Newsweek game blogger N'Gai Croal has placed a friendly wager with Microsoft official Andre Vrignaud over the latter's prediction that a $400 PS3 will emerge by Black Friday 2007.

Vrignaud maintains that the $600 SKU is "untenable" and that the E3 PS3 price cut was a fleeting affair, as the 60GB units are no longer in production.

He says the low-priced version will be watered down: "My prediction is that you're going to see the creation of a new, low-end SKU this holiday. It'll likely remove integrated WiFi, memory card reader and most controversially, all backward compatibility."

An aggressive blogger, as well, Vrignaud challenged Croal to a wager on the prediction, first over his dreadlocks and then over a steak dinner of the winner's choice.

A humble reporter's salary, a multi-billion dollar company rep and an expensive dinner. What could go wrong here?

Source: Level Up



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