Hasbro Sells Off Videogame Rights

Hasbro Sells Off Videogame Rights


In a follow up to last week's news that Hasbro had reacquired rights to nine of its classic board games, Hasbro and EA announced a newly-inked deal today. In addition to Monopoly, Scrabble and Yahtzee, the deal gives EA exclusive worldwide rights to publish games based on Hasbro's Nerf, Tonka and Littlest Pet Shop< franchises. The first games are due in early 2008.

President of EA Casual Entertainment Kathy Vrabeck said, "The gaming market has never been more primed for a revolution in how families enjoy games. Hasbro is the ideal partner to help propel this change. Their games define fun. These are games that we all love and remember from our childhoods."

Additionally, Hasbro will bring select unnamed EA franchises to toys and traditional games. Hasbro's COO, Brian Goldner, said, "Our toy and games brands have been family favorites for decades, and aligning ourselves with EA will result in broadening the reach of our brands through the 're-imagining' of these beloved entertainment icons in all key digital categories."


Am I the only one to chuckle slightly every time someone at EA refers to a revolution? First of all, you know they're really saying, "We missed the Nintendo boat, but we're on board now!" Secondly, revolutions tend to topple the dominant power in a region and if EA isn't a dominant power in the industry, I don't know what is!

That's an exceptionally good point. A revolution, by definition, would have to over-turn EA.

To the barricades! Vive la revolucione! Gamers of the world, we have nothing to lose but the Madden franchise!


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