Gamecritics Interviews The Escapist

Gamecritics Interviews The Escapist


Around here, we call her Bosslady, but on the masthead she's Executive Editor of The Escapist and her brand of journalistic integrity and spirit colors everything we do. interviewed our own Julianne Greer recently about how The Escapist came to be, where it's headed in the future and why a silly man with an English accent is a good kind of person to have around.

From the interview:

A more serious and lifestyle tone was what we founded the site upon, so our readers came to us because they like that. But, it was tough at times; we were essentially scraping together a bunch of people we knew were out there, but weren't used to having a home. So, in that sense we had resistance, in that we were a new type of site, but that's to be expected.

On games as art:

Works of art have been and will continue to be held in question, and banned. I think of art as something that evokes a response; sometimes that response is "hey this is fun"; sometimes its "that's pretty"; sometimes it's upsetting. People don't like to be upset, so that's when things get banned. But upsetting art with a purpose is also sometimes the best.




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