Fight for the Right to Gastrointestinal Distress With Taco Fu

Fight for the Right to Gastrointestinal Distress With Taco Fu


Taco Bell is offering gamers everywhere a chance to get some payback from those annoying lunchtime freeloaders with the release of the fast-food-fighter Taco Fu.

Developed by Dallas-based advergaming company Blockdot, the game casts characters in the role of a Taco Fu master who must defend his honor and his meal against hordes of hungry cheapskates who refuse to spring for their own food. Players will jump, punch and kick the onrushing masked mooches in a desperate attempt to keep their soft taco grandé with a side of fries supreme all to themselves.

Blockdot, owned by newspaper and television company Media General Inc., is one of the leading producers of company-sponsored "advergames," and has produced over 800 games for a client list that includes AT&T, Baskin-Robbins, Kimberly-Clark, Motorola, Universal Pictures and many others.

Although the game does not include stupid-looking dogs with cheesy accents, it does offer prizes such as desktop wallpapers and instant message icons to players who display sufficiently powerful Taco Fu. Gamers and Taco Bell fans alike can protect their beans at, or at Blockdot's Kewlbox gaming portal.


Long live the Taco bell dog!I miss the Krystal head as well, the new jingles suck.

This is a blatant attempt to latch onto the runaway success of Sneak King, without learning from that game's achievements. Gone is the unique blend of royalty, hunger, and stealth; instead we get an uninspired Double Dragon clone starring a ninja and a monstrous nacho platter. When will developers learn that consumers want innovation in their advergaming? This is yet another example of what is wrong with this industry.


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