MySpace Games Coming in 2008

MySpace Games Coming in 2008


MySpace has announced a partnership with Oberon Media to bring hundreds of casual games to its users in 2008.

MySpace, a social network with over 200 million accounts that allows users to create and customize web pages for family, friends and complete strangers who might care about what they think or do, will offer the games as a further customization option for MySpace web pages. The games will be available for free online play to MySpace users, who will be able to challenge friends and socialize through in-game chat services.

MySpace Vice President of Business Development Amit Kapur said, "Bringing entertainment in the form of fun, social casual games will enhance our user experience. Our goal is to provide our members with an easy way to play with their friends and give them additional ways to interact."

"We're very excited to be partnering with MySpace to provide the best social networking casual games experience to its growing audience," said Oberon Media chairman Tal Kerret. "Our white label casual gaming solution is allowing us to create a customized games platform that delivers a great experience to MySpace users."

MySpace Games is scheduled to launch in early 2008.


That's cool. Considering the average visual tastes of people running MySpaces pages, I'm sure we should expect a good load of farted out trash looking games, downloaded en masse.
And it's free.

I seem to remember something about this site existing, but that's all I remember......


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