California Fires Force Evacuation of Midway Games

California Fires Force Evacuation of Midway Games


Midway Games has been forced to evacuate its San Diego office as wildfires continue to rage uncontrolled across southern California.

The company said it hopes the disruption will not affect the schedules of any products in development, and that development team members are continuing to work from home. "Our San Diego office has been evacuated and the majority of Midway's staff out there is working from home," a Midway spokesman said. "We hope to have the office back open by the end of the week, but it all depends on the situation. Our thoughts are with them."

More than 20 wildfires are currently burning out of control in California, with over 400,000 acres burned so far and nearly one million people displaced. House replacement costs in San Diego County alone are currently projected to exceed $1 billion. Describing scenes of "utter devastation," San Diego Fire Department Battalion Chief Bruce Cartelli said, "It will not end ... until it reaches the ocean or the winds turn around."

Midway Games is headquartered in Chicago, but maintains offices in both San Diego and Los Angeles in California, as well as Austin, Munich and London.



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