Access Hero, the Accessible Controller

Access Hero, the Accessible Controller


Ben Heckendorn, designer of the Xbox and Wii laptops, has built a prototype of a single-handed, configurable console controller. This wireless controller not only puts all the functions of a traditional controller under a single hand, but each control pad is removable and can be swapped for right- and left-handed configurations.

A wireless PS2/PS3 version of the controller is currently in pre-production, and an Xbox 360 version is pending. For more information, check out Heckendorn's announcement of the new controller.


Interesting idea. Not sure if I'd like to use it myself, but it does seem like an at least semi-novel concept.

Although Ben talks about playing Uno with one hand, while holding a beer in the other, I think the real benefit here would be for amputees.

Or Slashdong readers.

Or drivers.

Or pilots.

Or Thing.

Oh, well... yeah. Obviously.


Not sure that looks so easy to use. There's not much room to rest your hand on anything; it'd probably have to be somehow secured to a surface, making rug or couch play difficult.

The underside is curved, so I imagine that resting it on your thigh would be an option.

True, but it won't exactly remain put there. I've tried typing on my keyboard when it's in my lap, and it's not exactly easy. The point is, usually you need something to ensure that the buttons aren't being pushed away.

Your keyboard isn't curved in the right way. And it doesn't have a huge base to rest the heel of your hand on. The pressure between hand and surface would be enough to prevent slippage.

Ermmm... I doubt this would be usable for most 'hardcore games' for example I cannot imagine playing Halo or CoD on this.
But a good idea none the less.

Ben Legend:
Ermmm... I doubt this would be usable for most 'hardcore games' for example I cannot imagine playing Halo or CoD on this.
But a good idea none the less.

So it shouldn't be made?

I am just wondering if you are jumping up and down and going: "This isn't for me, so it isn't news!" Or if you are just trying to add some input. I am confused, because it's pretty obvious this isn't supposed to be more conveinent then existing setups. This is mainly to help people that would have difficulty playing with a standard controller.

It would be perfect for Heavy Rain, and those slow paced games. Kinda like a Lazy Boy controller...

I wished the technology came earlier, i want this on my import Visual Novels...
It could revolutionize games with simple control mechanisms, like puzzles.

I think I'll just stick with my normal controller thank you. But I bet I'd help with people with one arm...though they would only be able to play really slow games...sad.

I'm pretty certain this was designed for disabled people -

In which case, props to you my friend, props... You are credit to team.

Very interesting work indeed. I like the notion and novelty of doing it for those who might be disabled, but at the same time like others have admitted to, I too am lazy and some games only need nominal input *cough..inal *cough ...antas..*cough 13 *cough cough hack

Good show.


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