PAX 2008 Dates Announced

PAX 2008 Dates Announced


Dates for the 2008 edition of the Penny Arcade Expo have been announced.

Next year's PAX will take place over August 29, 30 and 31, with the venue to be announced. Exhibitor packets are available now, and attendee registration will begin in January. The announcement follows the success of the 2007 PAX, which became the largest videogame festival in North America with an attendance of 37,000.

"PAX has always been about community, and I think that was really reflected in the overall vibe of the show," said Penny Arcade representative Robert Khoo. "PAX celebrates what it means to be a gamer, and walking onto the show floor gives you this sense of kinship ... it just feels right."

Along with videogames, PAX features discussion panels, tournaments, tabletop gaming exhibitions, concerts and other activities. The 2007 keynote address was delivered by Wil Wheaton, who recounted memories of gaming with his brother as he spoke on the social aspect of gaming. Penny Arcade estimates attendance for the 2008 event will reach 47 million bajillion. More information is available at


I just love PAX. I've been an Enforcer for the last two years and it's been a blast every time. The success is largely due to the fact that Robert Khoo is God and is rumored to turn things into gold merely by simple touch.

What's an enforcer? I'm only familiar with the term in the context of hockey and Arn Anderson.

What's an enforcer? I'm only familiar with the term in the context of hockey and Arn Anderson.

An Arn Anderson reference. Nicely done. *Throws up the Four Horsemen taunt*

Anyway, an Enforcer is the name PAX gives to it's volunteer staff. Security is the type of Enforcer you usually see walking around the main convention area and is what I have volunteered as for the last two years. Best three day job in the world.

I love watching videos on the internet about PAX, like on Gamespot, Gametrailers, or whatever has videos on PAX.


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