New Games Hinted at for Popular Activision, Vivendi Series

New Games Hinted at for Popular Activision, Vivendi Series

Following the announcement of Vivendi and Activision's merger, some hints of upcoming titles have emerged.

An Activision Blizzard fact sheet, located on the company's new website, listed new titles in the popular series Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. The latest iterations of each have both been released recently to critical and commercial acclaim.

Also mentioned in the sheet were other potential successors for popular hits, including new Tony Hawk, James Bond and Marvel titles, as well as a mention of a racing game.

A spokesperson for Activision declined comment on the matter, and no projecting shipping or development dates were provided on the sheet.



Well after the success of all of those franchises this comes as nothing of a surprise to me.

I just hope they don't start churning out a game every year like EA does with its' sports games.

Games like Call of Duty and James Bond should be given enough development time to be a really good, well polished AAA title when released.

I just hope the merger doesn't alter any philosophies within the two companies regarding game development.

True, I do too hope that they put enough effort into their games that the outcome is an exciting one. Although, this does feel like something enjoyable will arise from this merge. I cant wait to see how the games turn out. It feels like a company of veterans who know what they're doing in their field, and hopefully the first game, even if not a sequel, will be give people a great time.

But if they are going to be making games in the hope that the game will be a success ... I hope it will not turn out to be a disappointment.

For a James Bond game, I think a lot of effort will be needed. I'm looking forward to updates from Activision Blizzard.

I think I know what this means.

Start waiting, guys. The next Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, and James Bond games will be released in about six to seven years... if Blizzard's 'release it when it's done' mantra still holds.

If the mantra holds, though, we'll be playing the best damn games on the planet. I swear, I will pay to listen to James Bond quote a Starcraft character.

So, how'd that optimism hold up for you guys?


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