Major Xfire Player Peeled By Upstart Company

Major Xfire Player Peeled By Upstart Company

Fredric Descamps, a key marketing player for the popular game chat system Xfire, has been recruited by Trion World Networks, a recently founded company with designs on the online arena.

Descamps, formerly the Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development for Xfire, will take on a rather similar position with Trion as their Senior Director of Global Marketing. His duties will include building communities through social networking services and forums, convincing players to sign up for Trion's (as of yet unreleased) games.

Trion is run by former EA executive and creator of the Might & Magic series, Jon Van Caneghem. They have also recruited heavily from the working populations of EA, Activision and NCsoft. Trion has not announced any forthcoming titles as of yet, though according to a glance at their website and mission statement, they will likely be focusing on developing persistent world MMOGs.


A new member to the MMOG business eh....intriguing!

Any with someone of Descamps skills then I am sure that their marketing plans will be high quality and actually get gamers' attentions rather than putting them off something.

Chris Evans:
I am sure that their marketing plans will be high quality

Didn't you see? There's an EA executive involved which means it's definately gonna get rushed out to release. It's a fact.


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