ESA Responds To Hill & Knowlton Survey Data

ESA Responds To Hill & Knowlton Survey Data


The Entertainment Software Association has responded to the release of survey data by public relations consultant Hill & Knowlton, claiming it painted an inaccurate portrait of the industry by releasing only part of its findings.

According to an email sent to the Escapist by the ESA, the research data released earlier today was initially gathered this summer as part of a business proposal made to the ESA by Hill & Knowlton. The firm's public release of that information indicated that more than half of Americans want to see the U.S. government regulate the content and sale of violent and mature videogames, but the ESA says other findings in the survey, more favorable to the industry, were not released, including:

  • Three-quarters of respondents have played videogames at some point in their lives, while over than two-thirds of those 18-34 years old continue to do so
  • More than half of the families survey think that videogaming is a positive way for families to spend time together
  • Educational videogames are seen as providing a greater learning opportunity than either television programming or DVDs.

"Hill & Knowlton's decision to release these findings was both unprofessional and unethical and its timing is questionable," the ESA said in its response. "The research was done this summer and only performed in an effort to help Hill & Knowlton win our business. In addition, the release of only part of the findings paints an inaccurate picture of the entertainment software industry."


Hold on, a survey about the game industry with inaccurate information that puts a negative spin on it?!

Hold on, give me a minute to be shocked. Come on...almost there....

Nope, can't manage it.

Huh, were the parts omitted actually relevant? Does that make the graphics complete bollocks?


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