Castlevania Film Script Nearly Finalized

Castlevania Film Script Nearly Finalized


The script for the animated Castlevania film has entered its final month of editing.

Three months after submitting the script to the producers, comic book legend Warren Ellis has updated the official Castlevania: Dracula's Curse film website with news that the edits from his backers have arrived and changes to the script will be minimal. Ellis predicts that it will take another five weeks before the script is officially finalized and the team can proceed onto development.

Ellis' update reads:

Well, the notes on the screenplay came in this week. And I'm happy to say that they're minimal, and easily dealt with. (And no-one's said a thing about the swearing, the violence or the now-infamous Goat-Fucking Scene.)

In real terms, this means that we'll have a locked script in five weeks or so. And that's the point at which we commence the visual development in earnest. We all said from the beginning that everything has to emanate from the script, and our original conception of a videogame-derived film that was 1) a film for adults and 2) a good film first and a videogame-movie second.

He wrote an additional post explaining how the editing process works when dealing with producers.

The "notes" phase is an entire production step in itself. I look at everything the various players at this point have to say, and address each of them in one of two ways. Either I agree with the change, and add it to the script. Or I disagree with the change and want to stab the person who suggested it with broken bottles until they die. Since I'm in England and they're in America, that gets difficult, and the bad exchange rate makes it harder, these days, to hire people in America who could do it for me. So I have to argue the point and explain in a coherent fashion why their note is bad for the script. And then they will tell me that I'm drunk and they don't recognise the language I wrote my argument in and could I please stop sending the weird little drawings of them being raped by hoboes?


"raped by hoboes" at first glance looked like "raped by hobbits," which as a mental image I think is at least three times funnier.

Simon is a pretty simple character in the game, I wonder how the writer's and ultimately director's and actor's interpretation of this character will mesh with people's expectations?

Different people's imaginations will take the character to different places, and I think trying to make this into a film is pretty poor idea. Though with a well considered script/acting/directing I would sort of be interested. But I can imagine disaster being a pretty easy outcome of this. The original Castlevania was my favorite game for a long time, and I think it would be hard for them to make a universally compelling Simon, and I think the possibility of disappointing a large number of people is great. But who knows?

Hmm Warren Ellis.... I think i just gained immunity to disappointment with this film...
But it will be interesting to see how an animated VG-to-movie conversion will work out, considering live-action ones pretty much universally suck.
Excuse me while i play with my Uwe Boll Voodoo Doll for a minute...

You know, a Castlevania movie is pretty much only a Dracula's movie with more action and a guy called Simon Belmont swinging his whip.

That being said, a script is nothing more then text until they start shooting it. I will wait till the movie-making process is a bit more further to make comments on it. But.....goat-fucking scene?

The only characters that were ever interesting in that series were Alucard and Soma Cruz (who was taken out back and beaten with the mediocrity stick for the sequel). I'm not criticizing the other games, but in terms of plot I'm curious what kind of extra crap they'll add to keep things moving.

Again, as long as he's serious about Yamane agreeing to do the music, the movie cannot possibly be completely awful, just mostly.


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