WGA Videogame Writing Award Nominees Announced

WGA Videogame Writing Award Nominees Announced


The Writers Guild of America, East has announced its nominations for the Guild's first ever Videogame Writing Award.

Nominees for the inaugural award include Crash of the Titans and World in Conflict from Sierra Entertainment; Dead Head Fred from D3 Publisher; Electronic Arts' The Simpsons Game; and The Witcher, published by Atari. Games eligible for the award must have been released between December 1, 2006 and November 30, 2007. Because the award is new, work not produced under Writers Guild of America jurisdiction may be submitted but must contain separate writing credits, and credited game writers must have been or applied to become members of the Writers Guild's New Media Caucus at the time of script submission.

The Videogame Writing Award was first announced in October 2007 as part of an effort to raise the profile of writers in the gaming industry and encourage more uniform standards for their work. The winner, along with all other WGA Award winners, will be announced on February 9. More information is available at www.wga.org.


Fail, fail, fail.

Where's my Portal?

The Witcher is a brilliant original story, I really hope it wins.

No BioShock, no Portal, no Mass Effect, no Persona 3, no Hotel Dusk....

It's a sham and a shame, I was really hoping games would start being recognized for having some of the excellent writing that so many have nowadays.

Aren't these guys on strike or something?

The only game in that list I've played (playing now, actually) is The Witcher. If it's not a front-runner for the award then the other games must be truly mind-blowing, because The Witcher, occasional translation issues notwithstanding, is excellent.

Also, videogames are being recognized for the excellent writing that a few have nowadays ("So many" is being far too generous) and the absence of your own personal favourites from the nominations doesn't make it a sham.

This is just an attempt to get more people involved in their strike. I don't think they realize that we're not the kind who care about their linear storylines, or brain numbingly watching their stereotypical characters and shallow back stories. Video games are as deep as it gets, even though more so the JRPGs than anything but America has always had shitty, done before stories that people can relate to somehow cause they've seen it before and are afraid of a change in a plot line, unless of course it's a dramatic twist in the opposite direction.

Now because they have a cause that nobody cares about, they want recognition from videogame writers? Allow me to call bullshit, and making these studios join their guild to do so? No wonder you have 4 shitty titles and 1 up and coming great game as the nominees. Bunch of pricks who's family's deserve to starve if you ask me.

Oh, dear, it appears I misread...

So, to qualify for an award, the writers have to join the guild. Well, that most certainly sounds like they don't have any ulterior motives for giving out these awards, now does it?

I say screw the whole thing, let's throw our own excellent writing in games awards ceremony.

And I officially nominate Hotel Dusk.


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