Joymax Unleashes Free MMOG Darkeden

Joymax Unleashes Free MMOG Darkeden


Independent game developer Joymax has announced the launch of Darkeden, its free vampire-themed MMOG.

Following a period of open beta testing, the game is now fully available for everyone to play at no charge. Players can choose to stand for one of three sides: Vampires, humans, or Ousters, a mysterious and long-dormant race with characteristics of both the others that has sworn to purify its ancient homeland of the invaders. The game features hand-rendered graphics in a two-dimensional isometric view, and bills itself as easy to learn but offering "a broad variety of features and character-building options for hardcore players."

Along with its free-to-play options, Darkeden offers the Daden Market, where players can purchase Coins for use on Premium Service options including access to new areas, rare items, armor, weapons, pets and more. The diverse skill system offers hundreds of different skills and magical abilities across the three classes, as well as roughly 30 different passive skills based on character rank. An integrated guild system also figures prominently in the game's setting.

Originally released as a Korean MMOG in 1997, Darkeden has also been released in Japanese, Chinese and Thai versions, although the Thai edition of the game is currently offline. More information about the global release of Darkeden is available at the Joymax website.


Cool, I've been hoping for a horror-themed MMO for a while.


...their site doesn't seem to work with Mozilla:

"Web page of Silkroad Online[SIC] is optimized under below condition.
Windows Operation Systems ( Microsoft Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 )
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above."


So the way they make money is they get you to sign up, and then buy items and cards that allow you to go into "elite zones" with real money? Hmm, interesting financial model for the world. I wonder if it will work outside Korea where most games follow this model to some extent.

Erik Robson:
...their site doesn't seem to work with Mozilla:

You mean the Darkeden website linked in the original post? ( It's working fine here.


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