Wipeout HD Tracks Revealed

Wipeout HD Tracks Revealed


The PlayStation Blog has released more details on Wipeout HD, including confirmation that all the tracks will, in fact, be in high definition.

The game will boast "online multiplayer, 1080p visuals, 60 frames per second animation, motion-sensitive SIXAXIS™ play and a big-name electronic soundtrack featuring the likes of Kraftwerk and Booka Shade all in Dolby™ 5.1 surround," according to the blog.

Eight tracks derived from previous Wipeout titles will be updated for the game, including Vineta K, Sol 2, Moa Therma and Metropia. Settings range from entertainment arenas to skyscrapers to the clouds.

There will, of course, be weapons: Missiles rockets, mines and a new "leech beam" will be at the player's disposal.

Source: Threespeech.com


Fair enough... BUT WHEN DO WE GET A NEW ROLLCAGE GAME? I've been waiting about 10 years now.

I CANNOT think that the sixaxis will work well with the amount of twitching the N64 version required. And while I approve of the Kraftwerk, the previews I've seen featured a non-distorted announcer voice, fewer blind hairpins, and seemed to be taking steps away from the hyper-electronic overstimulation that for me were the whole point. The tracks are too clean, I demand more flashing lights and colored bands! :D

SIX AXIS compatability. Three words that make me feel sick.

Sony's big boot ruins yet another potentially blinding game.
Based on every racing game on Wii so far. There is no way the controls will be precise or fast enough to play wipeout in SIX AXIS. Lets hope its an optional thing.

Leech beam new? It's in Fusion on PS2 and I'm pretty sure it was in Wip3out on ps1.

Terramax, we just have accept that roll cage is gone, but the memories will remain.


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