Razer Reveals Entry-Level PC Gaming Mouse

Razer Reveals Entry-Level PC Gaming Mouse


Razer has delivered a new lightweight PC gaming mouse for your click-and-kill needs.

Razer made the announcement yesterday from CeBIT, a European computer peripherals trade show. Called the Razer Salmosa, the mouse will retail for round $30.

The Razer Salmosa, which will be available in the third quarter of the year globally, makes use of an infrared 1800dpi sensor for movement tracking. It sports an ambidextrous design, three programmable buttons and a scroll wheel with 24 individual click wheel positions.

"The Razer Salmosa sets a precedent as being the lightest mouse in its class," said Robert Krakoff, president of Razer, in a statement. "It is perfect for gamers that require pure speed and agility. Our goal was to create an affordable, introductory gaming-grade mouse."


Is a mouse heavy to begin with that a lightweight mouse is really needed?

I use a mouse with a roller ball still in it is that wrong?


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