The Commodore 64 Book - 1982-199x Released

The Commodore 64 Book - 1982-199x Released


Fans of the Commodore 64 can indulge their passion for the system in an all new way with the release of The Commodore 64 Book - 1982-199x, a nostalgic look back at games for the most popular computer of all time.

Written by Andrew Fisher, the author of The ZX Spectrum Book - 1982-199x whose work has also been published in Commodore Force, Micro Mart and Retro Gamer, The Commodore 64 Book - 1982-199x looks at over 200 games for the classic platform, including information on the programmers and the companies behind, trivia about the games and full-color screenshots and packaging images. The book is divided into chapters for each year from 1982 to 1992, with a final chapter detailing the machine's story right up to the present day. A foreword by noted game designer and Commodore 64 fan Jeff Minter rounds out the package.

The Commodore 64 Book - 1982-199x can be ordered online for 17.99 ($36.00) plus shipping. More information, including updates, photos of the book and links to Commodore 64 gaming sites, can be found at


Nice job Merman!

Nice cover.


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