Two Worlds DLC Available

Two Worlds DLC Available

Two Worlds downloadable content is now available via Xbox LIVE.

The roleplaying game expansion, billed Tainted Blood, incorporates enhanced online multiplayer with four new maps and 35 extra quests.

The developer, SouthPeak Games, estimated the content amounts to 10 hours of play time.

"This pack of downloadable content is an excellent expansion for players who love playing Two Worlds with friends, and are ready for some new and exhilarating features," said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games. "Tainted Blood not only adds to the game, but enhances it, making the overall experience even better."

The content is rated M and costs 600 MS Points.


I'm sure both of those players will be thrilled.

The cheek to actually release more of that swill.

The swines!


Really? The game itself was terrible the first time I played it, though I reached level 35, then the second time I managed to play it I managed 10 minutes before the absolute crappiness drove me to turn it off. It's a terrible, terrible game, why the hell would they bother? Hell, the only thing they should be issuing is a formal apology, "The game to replace Oblivion" remember that shit? I hate those guys.

Two Worlds I feel should let another RPG series absorb some of it's stuff. It has some cool things in there, and does not really deserve as much flak as it gets.
I think online would be better if it was more done like a (smaller) MMO, instead of a field where you take your character and just muk around in.

Oh, wonderful! Two Worlds fans will likely buy this in droves, leading to it being a financial failure.

I actually know a TW fan, so he'll be happy... other than that one person I haven't even heard of this being mentioned.

I heard that Two Worlds had such a horrible framrate at some spots it could be compared to a Power Point presentation. So why would anyone want to spend any extra money on something that is horrible by itself?

Oblivion was a sub-par game and they brought out this piece of shit to "replace it" and it failed at that, why would you release DLC for this abomination?!

People still play this game?

People still play this game?

Probably not that many, given that the story is a year old.


This is the greatest news since they discovered sliced bread back in 1995.

I didn't hate Two Worlds, but I don't need an expansion by any means.

Wasn't this the company that wanted to sue Blizzard and Linden Labs?

People still play this game?

I do!

Meh, I don't think it's THAT bad a game.

My friend actually really likes this game. He said aside from the bad voice acting, graphics and lines, it was a good game.

I thought it was alright. But I laughed so very often.

wow a 10 hour expansion for 600 Microsoft points? WTF why does this shitty game get a non ripoff DLC?

Yet another thread necro'd I see.

Opinion: Two Worlds was a bad game. Southpeak had the best intentions at heart, they're just a little dumb.

I bid you all good day.

*leaves thread*


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