Shrapnel Games Seeks Creative Types

Shrapnel Games Seeks Creative Types


Independent developer Shrapnel Games is looking for writers, artists and possibly mimes to fill several upcoming positions with the company.

Details of the positions have not been announced, but the developer has put out the call for "creative types" that fit the following requirements:

  • Artist: Must be able to fuse traditional art skills and software skills to create a compelling visual experience. Tasks will include art for advertising, in-game art, and product art (manual covers, etc.)
  • Cartoonist: Looking for original cartoons/comics, preferably in the form of an ongoing series with unique characters and an appropriate theme. Must be consistent and motivated.
  • Genre Writers: Military adventure, science-fiction, fantasy, etc., as long as they're appropriate for the audience. Preferably short stories or serials. Think of the days of pulp magazines.

All positions would be long term for the "right" candidates, with the potential for turning full-time. Interested candidates who want to "fight the good fight against the commercially mundane" are encouraged to contact with either "Artist," "Cartoonist" or "Writer" in the subject line. Emails should include attachments or links to examples of previous work. Applicants who show potential will be contacted with further details about the position and requirements of employment.

Founded in 1999, Shrapnel has become known as a developer of strategy games and RPGs for the PC, having released titles including 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy, Dominions 2 and 3, Runesword 2 and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. More information is available at the official Shrapnel Games website.


Applied, although through personal, alternate contact routes rather than the jobs@... way. In fact, isn't that recruitment e-mail showing a Mailer Daemon error? Regardless, I implore any artist or cartoonist (I've gone for 'writer' myself, so stay outta mah field, mo' fo's!) who wishes to get a foot on the great gaming careers ladder to dig deeper and do the same.

Heh, makes me wish that I focused more on short stories in genre fiction. My portfolio in that regard is rather slim. And I highly doubt there is a call for poets.


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