GameTap Editorial Team Eliminated

GameTap Editorial Team Eliminated


Digital game distributor GameTap has shrunk its web offerings by cutting out written and video content.

GameTap Vice President of Content Rick Sanchez announced on the company's forums that the game download service will be downsizing its website and staff in order to focus on its game library. Anyone not directly involved with running the game distribution section will be laid off in June, including the editorial writers and the producers of the "GameTap TV" video series.

GameTap's website will remove the "Read" and "Watch" sections and incorporate written and video content into game pages.

Sanchez stated, "While we have been very happy with the work done by our editorial and video teams, we've made a decision to focus the business on our biggest strength, which is our game catalog. As a result, we will be restructuring the site to focus exclusively on gameplay."

Source: Game|Life


That is a shame. They had a really strong roster of game journalists over there, and given their focus on older games, they could have gone in some really interesting editorial directions.

I have to admit, when I had GameTap I couldn't have cared less for the news section.


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