Survey Says Japanese Dislike Shooters

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Well, Japan has Brain Age 2, I think we can safely say who are wasting their time and who are not (yeah, am looking at you Master Chief).

I mean look at the games that come from Japan; they all got [...] protagonists with bright spiky hair, the weirdest clothes you've ever seen covering their spaghetti-thin bodies.

Because that's an exaggerated look of how asians actually look like! We have spiky hair, slimmer builds and look somewhat more feminine...

Probably a big reason why I like japanese game in the first place, they just look more inviting, less alienating

And about the japanese being xenophobic and only wanting their own stuff, probably quite some truth in there, but isn't the entire manga style derived from american/disney style?

Yeah Im sure that playing one of the 50,000 shitty FPS where you are a apple pie scoffing bible quoting yank and relive WW2 over and over and oh lets say, OVER again and killing off the japs is definatly a good way to win their hearts and minds. Many japanese that I know of personally consider americans to be utter assholes who always think they are on the right side so it would be like giving Osama a game where you hunt down iraqui terrorists.

thats a good post avykins, i would like to know what they would think about games like hl2 or TF2.




Hey guys, how about I make a rape-game

Already been done. By Japan, of cource.

I meant an AMERICAN rape game, of course.

How would it be drawn, we certainly couldn't use hentai.

Perhaps a Norman Rockwell style?

Anyway all this discussion is a bit pointless from my point of view, simply because the article only stated numbers concerning the Japanes market. Those numbers are meaningless until compared to European and American numbers. Maybe the numbers mentioned are actually a lot closer to the our own counries than we think.

I really dislike most FPS as well. Even when they come complete with a "power" like Time Shift, it's all mostly just a vehicle for shooting things. I'm fine with guns being in games, but I'd prefer to see the GUNS take a backdrop to some power or another.

Infamous, in a way, is a third person shooter, and I think it's a good "evolution" of the formula. You don't need guns to make a shooter, and it can still be interesting and inviting. I'd say some of the only shooters I really like are Dark Sector (which might not be able to be classified as a shooter) and the Darkness, for it's presentation.

whether resident evil is horror or shooter, you still spend the entire game running around and shooting people/things in the face with guns. The reason they accept RE is because it is Japanese. If Resident Evil 4 was designed by valve, they would not buy it. period. It's not about gun culture, it's about automatically dismissing anything non-Japanese.

Jesus give it a rest will you? Japanese people arent automatically dismissive of anything non-Japanese. Yeah okay, some are xenophobic and despise anything non-Japanese, but do you have any conception of how many western things there are that Japanese people do like?

I mean for gods sake, I know for a fact that some Japanese people felt it necessary to localise a British sci-fi sitcom I happen to adore. Plus I believe Oblivion has a very respectable reputation among some Japanese gamers (cant imagine why) so there is some more bullshit to sprinkle on your "JAPS BE ZEEENOFOBES!!!!!!" argument.

Perhaps as a nation Japanese people are less inclined to FPS games. I know plenty of non-Japanese who fucking despise them, and while I play and enjoy some myself, I do occasionally get sick of how they are like dog shit, and seem to be everywhere.

why didn't they include the options: "I'm a xenophobic asshole who won't touch anything designed outside of my tiny island nation"

you should probably add the fact that their Gov't is a ripoff of England's Gov't. which makes that statement more Ironic.

on the serious note: I don't really care what people like or dislike their games everybody have their own opinions.

Who can blame em. I'd rather play Mario than any Fps you care to name

(Oh, and I'm pretty sure Yu Aida doesn't own a FN P-90 just because he draws one.)

I'm pretty sure he doesn't own one because they're only licenced to military and law-enforcement types. They're not even particularly useful weapons outside of those confines; they're limited to armour piercing, and the 5.7x28mm round combines some of the less favourable qualities of rifle and pistol ammunition.

Logan Frederick:
Survey Says Japanese Dislike Shooters

Only 74.8 percent of readers surveyed stated they had experienced an FPS or TPS, and only 51 percent of that group demographic said they wanted to play shooters. Only 38.1 percent of the Japanese gaming market enjoys one of the most profitable genres in North America.

74% is a lot. Why should it be higher? Honestly, FPS games hold little interest for many american gamers as well.

The firearm is outlawed in Australia yet FPS is like probably the most popular genre, with that in mind, guns being outlawed isn't even really an issue.

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