Casting Call Provides Hints About Portal 2

Casting Call Provides Hints About Portal 2


A casting call put out by Valve provides significant hints about the story and timing of Portal 2.

The company's request for a voice actor, apparently placed on the subscriber-only site Breakdown Express, provides a detailed description of the character's background, accent, and personality transition in the game.

The role is that of Aperture Science Labs' dead CEO, Cave Johnson, who, according to the brief, becomes the "principle protagonist" as the story progresses and speaks with a slight "Southern/Western" accent.

Johnson apparently goes from happy extrovert to isolated maniac, perhaps becoming a prototype for GlaDos, the mocking and acerbic narrator who taunts and teases the player in the first Portal (pictured).

The casting call indicates voice work for the character will begin toward the end of July.



There goes the hype machine...

And any promise of this game living up to its predecessor...

Everyone's going to go into the game with expectations of Portal(2), that is, twice as good as Portal. And chances are, it's not going to be quite as good as the original. With that said, people are going to hate it and bash it and start hating Valve for it.

I just saved everyone a few months of posting- summing it all up right here. lol

Uhmm fake? I've read what was called the casting call, there were a few obvious spelling errors and more less obvious ones. Bottom line, Valve did not write this, a casting call is important and to get the right people you make sure there are no errors whatsoever. And valve are simply not this careless.

Even if Skrapt is right, which I'd very well assume he is, my point still stands.

Then again, Valve isn't one to make sequels cruddier than their originals, so we'd have to see.

I wouldn't exactly call this a significant hint.

Let us all remember, the cake is ALWAYS a lie.

What about Episode 3? Aren't we supposed to visit Aperture Science's super secret freighter out in the arctic?

What about Episode 3? Aren't we supposed to visit Aperture Science's super secret freighter out in the arctic?

I did hear that, which I find really interesting because apparently the Episode 3 story has only recently been finalised (vaguely remember reading something in Feb saying that it wasn't finished) and yet when HL2 was leaked out there were stages on an arctic ship. They've probably made the whole game ages ago but are staggering them for hype, money and publicity.

At least that's what the pessimistic side of me says.

No, the casting call says "goes from sidekick to principle ANTAGONIST"... it makes all the difference.


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