Rumor: Microsoft's Lips to Challenge Sony's SingStar

Rumor: Microsoft's Lips to Challenge Sony's SingStar


Loose lips whisper that Microsoft is offering its own karoake game, Lips, with a customizable soundtrack and multiple microphones.

In search of a casual karaoke title of its own, Microsoft's Lips will come with 30 songs and two microphones to immediately lighten a party, part of the casual market Microsoft has been seeking to capture since the Wii's success.

Lips's microphones feature lights that pulse in sync with the beat while embedded motion sensors encourage users to dance for bonus points.

Highlighting Lips is the personalized soundtrack, which allows users to upload tunes or play them directly from an MP3 player. Lyrics may be added so that the game can score singers on the accuracy, pitch, rhythm, and tune of their performance.

This singing series comes as a vocal competitor to Sony's successful Singstar (pictured) franchise and Konami's recently American Idol-ized Karoake Revolution games.

Source: NeoGAF


No Wii Mouth annouced yet?


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