LittleBigPlanet Dev: Small Teams Can Make Great Games

LittleBigPlanet Dev: Small Teams Can Make Great Games


You don't need a huge team to deliver a great game, LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule told GDC Paris in a keynote address.

Mark Healey and Alex Evans, two of the men behind the upcoming much-anticipated PlayStation 3 title, said small development teams can be commercially successful.

"One of the interesting things about the titles shown here is that the team sizes vary quite a lot," said Healey. "I think there's a misconception in the games industry at the moment that you need 200 people to make a game now because technology is so amazing," he added, pointing to Brain Training as an example of a small team delivering a popular product.

Evans echoed Healey in complimenting the wide range of sizes in development teams represented at the conference, saying, "[T]the breadth is completely insane, and that's just a huge inspiration for us."

The pair also mused aloud about the industry's ongoing experimentations with the best ways to maximize profitability, citing user-made content and content-laden game patches as a way of increasing revenue.

When asked whether they would allow Little Big Planet players to sell their own content, Healey, playfully placing his hand on his colleague's mouth, called the idea "fantastic."



I did my work experiance at Media Molecule back in November 08, Mark Healey is such a cool and funny guy! ^^
The team were working on the MGS4 DLC at the time, so everone was pretty laid back. The level designers were making some crazy levels, and messing around with the new paintball gun in the game. It's such an amazing enviroment.
It just goes to show you don't need hundreds of people to make an amazing game, and Media Molecule proved this. XD


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