Gearbox On Halo 4 Rumors Gain Strength

Gearbox On Halo 4 Rumors Gain Strength


It looks like there may be some truth to the hot rumor that Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox will be taking on the responsibility of developing Halo 4.

Joystiq first reported the rumor, uncovered by Official Xbox Magazine in the wake of comments by Gearbox President and CEO Randy Pitchford, who claimed in February that the company's new project was big. "Look at our lineup and imagine something even bigger kind of big," he said, although naturally, he refused to offer any details beyond "big."

Original Halo developer Bungie split from Microsoft in October 2007, and while studio head Harold Ryan said Bungie hoped to continue its relationship with Microsoft "through Halo and beyond," the company has also expressed interest in developing new IPs, and ownership of the Halo franchise actually remained in the hands of Microsoft.

Variety's Cut Scene blog has now added some fuel to the Halo 4 fire, reporting that a source "close to Gearbox" has confirmed discussions about the game's development have "definitely" taken place between Microsoft and Gearbox, although at this point no deal has been struck. And since Gearbox already has some experience with the Halo franchise, having worked with Bungie on the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved, it's something of a natural fit.

So while nothing is carved in stone, the possibility of Gearbox taking over the Halo reins appears very real; and in the end, I'm sure the prestige (not the mention the money) that would come with picking up the development of such a storied series would be difficult for any developer to resist. "When you find out what this is, you'll likely agree that I can't oversell this one," Pitchford claimed. Time, and hopefully not too much of it, will tell.


Why Gearbox? Brothers in Arms sucks. Would love to see Lionhead or Infinity Ward take a crack at it but not Gearbox!

Why Gearbox? Brothers in Arms sucks. Would love to see Lionhead or Infinity Ward take a crack at it but not Gearbox!

Are you insane!?
Halo Series hype + Peter Molyneux hype = sheer anarchy where hype is a form of currency.
Just blowing things out of proportions for a bit.
I'd love to see Infinity Wards take on the Halo series. Halo has a great story (if you ignore all that crap that is spoon-fed to you, and look at the actual story) and Call of Duty 4 had a superb level of ambiance.
I've never played any Gearbox games (to my knowledge) so I don't have any first-hand experience with their games.
Also Beth. or Ubisoft would be interesting.

oh hell yeah!!!! They did a great job at Halo PC and Halo CE ( when the PRICKS FINALLY gave us the HEK )so I have SOME faith that they cannot screw up halo 4.

Halo FTW!

I like the Brothers in Arms games. Tactics ftw? It seems odd, though, that it wouldn't be Bungie making the game. It's very much like having a Star Wars movie without George Lucas behind it.

I liked the Brothers in Arms games, I think Gearbox'll be a GREAT fit for Halo and I can't wait to see what they do with the series. Bungie had it's time in the sun but they WERE getting bored with Halo, you could tell by the end of 3.

I guess it could be ok, but they said it's most likely going to be for next generation xbox console, and if halo follows it's three year release trend, we could see a new console very soon

People are aware that Gearbox did the Half-Life expansions right? They are a good with FPS games, I say let them have a go at Halo.

Stubee, I somehow think that BiA wasn't your game, so that's why you think it sucks. It's not Gearbox's fault they made an extremely realistic FPS, with squad tactics, that is actually quite hard.

What I'm hoping for it is that Gearbox make one of the tactical shooters that they are good at. I remember hearing some rumours flying around that a Halo game might be released where you play as a Marine, but it's a tactical shooter. I do hope that this is what Gearbox are doing.

If they screw it up in some form though, they're going to wish they never even thought about it. Imagine the hordes of fanboys descending upon them... it'll be horrible, I don't even want to think about it

I dont know how to feel about a new Halo. I mean, they wrapped the story up relatively well in the 3, but did leave it open for expansion. I couldnt begin to imagine where they would go with the story, since they have already milked the flood and brute stuff dry. Idk...

But aren't Bungie making a new Halo game? If either is, i don't think that it will be 'Halo 4'.

I think it will be a different game than the halo series we know but I think it will be a good game after all
Anyways is this Xbox 360 exclusive or will it come to the pc , anyone know?:-D

Ugh, I don't know if any of you actually -played- Halo PC, but it was pretty terrible. They completely butchered the online multiplayer coding, that game runs slow no matter how good your computer is.

Let's hope this game is like what Retro did for Metroid, and not like what say, Gearbox did for the first Halo. *rolls eyes*

I like bungie, they were great!

If they just re-skin brothers in arms, add a new story about a group of ODST's and make the halo weapons work in a simulation shooter i would probably buy it.

Gearbox is fine. Bungie is doing a Halo game that isn't Halo 4 anyway.


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