Major Expansion Coming To Unreal Tournament 3

Major Expansion Coming To Unreal Tournament 3


A major expansion to Unreal Tournament 3 is in the works, according to Epic Vice President Mark Rein, who added that the studio's relationship with troubled publisher Midway is in fine shape.

"Midway is still very much the publisher of Unreal Tournament 3," Rein told Eurogamer. "In fact, we're working together on a major expansion to Unreal Tournament 3, that we expect will excite and grow our UT3 customer base which, incidentally, now numbers over a million units sold-through world-wide."

Rein's comments come on the heels of news that Midway has terminated "a number" of license agreements and canceled projects related to those licenses as part of its attempt to bounce back from long-running financial difficulties. "The resolution of these licensing arrangements on good terms for the company is a very positive step as we continue to review Midway's involvement with underperforming projects and focus on our core properties," said Midway Internet CEO Matt Booty. "Our fall line-up and strong pipeline of games that tie in to market-leading licenses like DC Comics and TNA Wrestling underscore our strategy of aligning with consumer and entertainment properties that can drive a solid gaming experience."

Booty did not specify which projects had been canceled, but GamesIndustry said that as a result of the move Midway now expects to report a third quarter loss of 70 cents per share, rather than the previously estimated amount of 49 cents per share.


a major expansion to Unreal Tournament 3? what is there to expand hmmm maybe a campaign mode! I wish they said more than just "oh its getting an expansion". I have to say UT3 is a real disappointment unless you live in the U.S. or the U.K. there is virtually no Aussie's playing at all on the 360 version. I always have to play on the U.S. midway west server its okay not too much lag thanks to the large bandwidth i have but its such a great game i wonder why more of my fellow countrymen are not playing it. Also midway should stop churning out so many crap to average games and maybe there share price wouldn't drop so badly. The worst atrocity however for me is Just four months after Midway Games acquired Adelaide-based developer Ratbag, renaming it Midway Australia, they shut the studio down. 70 people lost there job!

Maybe they plan to add Assault, and Domination back, who knows. What could an expansion for UT3 possibly offer other than new maps, and bringing back the missing game modes in UT3. A better campaign? A follow-up to the story of Reaper going after Malcom? Who knows?

Though I do hope to see a few space combat maps in Assault, those were fun.

I hope the expansion makes the game fun.

You know, sort of like what UT2004 was to UT2003.

UT3 doesn't even have a good campaign, I got confused over it a few times thinking I was playing skirmish.

"TNA Wrestling"

"solid gaming experience."



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