Lips Xbox Karaoke Tracks Announced

Lips Xbox Karaoke Tracks Announced


The Xbox 360's upcoming karaoke franchise is launching with forty famous hits, including "Hungry Like the Wolf" and more recently Rihanna's "Umbrella".

Leaked online around this year's E3 and developed by iNis (makers of the funky DS rhythm title Elite Beat Agents), Lips will release with two motion-sensitive wireless microphones for $69.99.

A Freestyle mode allows players to plug in any DRM-free MP3 into the Xbox 360 and sing to song without the lyrics displayed onscreen.

Standard "Party Modes" such as Vocal Fighters (singer-versus-singer) and Time Bomb (cooperative play to pass a song) were mostly expected. However, the fresh "Kiss" mode forces both singers to use the microphones for certain stage-stealing motions until the two stars are singing so close they must kiss each other.

Smaller confirmed features include downloadable content and support for four player action with the two backup musicians using Xbox 360 controllers to play background music.

Finally, the full track list features:

  • a-ha- "Take on Me"
  • Alicia Keys- "No One"
  • Aly & AJ- "Potential Break Up Song"
  • Avril Lavigne- "Complicated"
  • Ben E. King- "Stand by Me"
  • Beyoncé- "Irreplaceable"
  • Blondie- "Call Me"
  • Chris Brown- "With You"
  • Coldplay- "Yellow"
  • Depeche Mode- "Personal Jesus"
  • Destiny's Child- "Survivor"
  • Dido- "White Flag"
  • Duffy- "Mercy"
  • Duran Duran- "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  • John Denver- "Take Me Home, Country Roads"
  • Johnny Cash- "Ring of Fire"
  • Leona Lewis- "Bleeding Love"
  • Lil' Mama- "Lip Gloss"
  • Lupe Fiasco (featuring Matthew Santos)- "Superstar"
  • Maroon 5- "Makes Me Wonder"
  • Nirvana- "In Bloom"
  • Peter Bjorn and John- "Young Folks"
  • Queen- "Another One Bites the Dust"
  • R.E.M.- "The One I Love"
  • Radiohead- "Fake Plastic Trees"
  • The Ramones- "I Wanna Be Sedated"
  • Rascal Flatts- "Stand"
  • Rihanna- "Umbrella"
  • Roxette- "Listen to Your Heart"
  • Sara Bareilles- "Love Song"
  • Sheryl Crow- "Soak Up the Sun"
  • Taylor Swift- "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"
  • The Bangles- "Walk Like an Egyptian"
  • The Fray- "Over My Head (Cable Car)"
  • The Jackson 5- "ABC"
  • The Police- "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"
  • The Raveonettes- "Love in a Trashcan"
  • Trace Adkins- "Ladies Love Country Boys"
  • Weezer- "Island in the Sun"
  • Young MC- "Bust a Move"

Source: 1Up


Which are the duets in here? If there are any, I don't recognize them, other than Umbrella.

I would assume any song can be sung duet. And I don't know personally, but they did say that certain songs with two people would have different vocal charts.

Not necessarily my cup of tea music wise but I'm glad I could just put my own in instead.

Logan Frederick:
I would assume any song can be sung duet. And I don't know personally, but they did say that certain songs with two people would have different vocal charts.

True, any song can be sung by two, but some songs are written as duets, which is to say, for both a guy and a girl. (or two guys, in the case of Erasure)

The stock karaoke duets are:
Summer Lovin' from Grease
Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf
Don't You Want Me by The Human League
Love Shack by the B-52's

Out of the songs in that list, the only one I recognize as being specifically written for a guy and a girl is Umbrella, but I'm not familiar with most of the other recent songs.


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