Activision Investigating Busted Drum Kits

Activision Investigating Busted Drum Kits


Activision has issued a statement in response to complaints about the drum kit included with the recently-released Guitar Hero World Tour, promising that a fix will be available "soon."

Complaints have begun to surface about the "velocity sensitivity" of the kits, according to 1Up, meaning that hard hits on the drums only register as soft hits, and some owners are saying that drum pads or cymbals have quit working altogether. In response, Activision has released a statement claiming that the defects should be limited to only early production runs of the kits, and that a fix is on the way.

"We have learned that certain drum kit controllers manufactured for Guitar Hero World Tour have sensitivity issues," the company said in the statement. "We believe that these controllers are limited to ones in the earlier manufacturing stages. While we believe that this was an isolated manufacturing issue, we are stepping our efforts to randomly test our drum kit controllers so customers can be assured they work properly. In the event any consumers do experience problems with their drum kit controllers associated with sensitivity issues, Activision will soon be offering a drum tuning kit that will enable players to fully optimize their drums."

"Our goal would be to immediately address any hardware issues Guitar Hero World Tour players have with the game," the statement continued. "Consumers should visit the Activision Publishing customer support website at website or call 310 255-2050 in the U.S. where a customer care representative will assist them."

No word yet on what a "drum tuning kit" actually is, or how it will help people whose drum kits have stopped working entirely, but no doubt all will be made clearer in the coming days.


Whoa...that was fast.

Well, maybe if people would stop hitting them they wouldn't bre...oh, wait.

Game is terrible anyways. Buy Rock Band 2 if you want a game worth your money.

Of course it was a fast response, the Guitar Hero franchise is a cash cow baby.

In a way, I'm kinda glad I didn't pick it up yet. I had a feeling something may go awry as I learned my lesson the hardway with RB first edition guitars. Even though they did replace it, the tilt sensor in the second guitar din't last too much longer in that one.

Though I'm happy to see their quick response and admission of a fault, it does surprise me though that Activision didn't learn from RB's guitar and drum kick pedal woes that the peripherals need to be tested, tested, and retested before they go out the door.

I think I also read somewhere that the new guitars are also having strum bar related issues ala RB 1st gen guitars. Can anyone else confirm that though personal experience.

I guess I just may wait a few months before I fork out the cash. I got Fable II and Fallout 3 to keep me busy for a bit anyway.

The spirit of Harmonix is a malevolent one, Guitar Hero fans. ;)

I suddenly got the mental image of a rather confused looking Activision employee standing over a pile of plastic shards with a Vivendi and a Blizzard employee facepalming in the background and mumbling "why exactly did we take that guy on board anyway?"


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