A Fan's Plan For Paper Mega Man

A Fan's Plan For Paper Mega Man

Ever wonder what you get when you combine Paper Mario, Mega Man and a little too much free time for your own good?

You might end up with Mega Man 9 Paper, and it might look something like this video posted at Protodude's Rockman Corner:

What do you think?

via: Kombo.com


Haha, pretty great and I'm sure very time consuming. Nice work!

Was that boss an oreo...?

awesome, but talk about having lots of time on your hands.

and i think that boss was in fact an oreo

Damn you Malygris, Damn you! You unleashed what I hoped to keep buried, what I hoped to hide, what I hoped to keep in check!

And now I have to go buy Megaman 9. I hope you're happy.

If you go to newgrounds, and watch it there, there's an extra scene after the credits.

i love stuff like that, the stop-go motion videos always make me laugh.

Da Fuck?

That's 3 parts awesome 1 part straight-jacket.

Now a real Paper Mario remake on Megaman would be fun.

Slow day in news?

Anyway...This was, weird to say the least.


That was brilliantly done with a perfect touch of pathos. I hear mustard bottle controller is the latest thing in peripherals.

That is so awesome it hurts.

I actually laughed aloud when the guy got off his seat only to turn around and sit down again- all in time with the music.

I hope Seth Green notices and says "Dude, wanna be a Robot Chicken writer?"

Bling Cat:
Was that boss an oreo...?

An Oreo of DOOM!!

Nice stuff, I certainly had fun watching it. Who here who was a gamer from a really early age didn't use to set up your room as a video game level your action figures had to go through?

Ho-lee-shit. That was beautiful.


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